What does the KJV Bible have to say about the Hebrew Language? Pt. 1

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Home Education What does the KJV Bible have to say about the Hebrew Language? Pt. 1
Published on July 12, 2015
Profittt613 posted video:

In this video we will read the prologue to the Book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) and get the opinion of the man who translated the book from Hebrew to Greek. H…

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  1. mitchell anderson

    Shalom ahk I have been watching your teachings on YouTube for quite
    sometime and I thank the most high for brothers such as yourself and
    various others who are teaching the gospel of Christ. I live in northern
    California outside of Sacramento and was wondering if you have any contacts
    in the Sacramento area? Recently I have noticed IUIC and GMS are starting
    pop up in Sacramento and I m not interested on studying with them cause of
    their conduct and doctrine of hate. My name is Brother BA and you can reach
    me at shalom 

  2. Judah Force

    Todah, TMH ack, it is my desire to learn the language, but where do i begin?

  3. KnuNetzer

    Good vid. I too am trying to point people to Hebrew. I haven’t read the
    Apocrypha but I want to some time.

  4. Junior Coleman

    Great video. You make plenty of Valid points in this video. 

  5. 315IsraeliteMinistry

    Shalom bro. This brother Bentray, great info. Those who don’t study the
    Hebrew will err in bad English translations of the bible.

  6. SeekerofTruth29

    Hey profittt,you believe in eternal hellfire like christians do?

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