Learn HEBREW VOWELS – Niqqud – Hebrew Vowel Pointing and Dotting MADE EASY

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Published on December 24, 2015
JesusfreakPC posted video:

Teaching Myself HEBREW – In this video, a beginner in the Hebrew language may not only learn the complicated pointing and dotting of the Hebrew Letters, but …

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  1. Fernanda Acuña

    Muchas gracias por este video. Desde hace mucho tenía curiosidad por saber
    cómo se escribían las vocales en hebreo, y este video ha aclarado mis dudas
    de una forma muy sencilla; ahora veo que realmente es todo más fácil de lo
    que parece, sólo hay que prestar atención un momento. Shalom U’Brajot, paz
    y bendiciones (Peace and Blessings) :D

  2. SK Campbell

    Oh yes, your video is so very helpful! And bless you in Jesus’ name!
    Thank you.

  3. Hamzah Ahmed

    If you want to get as close as you can to Paleo-Hebrew, Yemenite Hebrew
    pronunciation is the thing you want to look up. It’s pronunciation is
    pretty much identical to Arabic’s and has preserved it well. For example ט
    “tet” (in Arabic ط) is pronounced with a much heavier T sound at the back
    of the tongue which distinguishes it from the normal ת “taw”. And also
    other letters like Qof, Het (khet), and Ayin.

  4. drummerchef851

    And I thought Greek was tough. Ella Xriste mou!

  5. Antonio Arnold

    Thank you

  6. carmel bugeja

    I am finding the learning of the Hebrew alphabet as a maltese very
    interesting, it is helping me to realise that we have many maltese words
    similar to Hebrew.

  7. TheHerbalmama

    Great explanation.

  8. Jefferson Silvestre

    I’m braziliam and need tell ou how good and easy is to learn with your
    help. Congratulations!

  9. chichimarcus69

    My name is Chenaniah it means Jehovah has planted, I would very much
    appreciate it if you could show me all the correct ways to spell it in
    Hebrew text. Can you please help me?

  10. Serrgio45acp

    Wow brother you really make difficult stuff seem easier to learn.. great
    video brother..tganks for sharing

  11. Corey Mack

    this has been a help

  12. יהודה שמחה ולדמן

    But it’s a shame, that Hebrew is even in a worse place than English, French
    and other languages with hard consonants/vowels. Today it’s Ok to pronounce
    Pattah and Kamatz the same, while English has the Kamatz as the sound in
    the words Tough, Cup etc. Hebrew did have them, and now only Mizrahi jews
    pronounce even less than half of those old consonant (not vowels). For
    example, Hebrew today has the french R sound, which is not Authentic – and
    was Brought into speech by ashkenazi jews. Just Great!

  13. Carmen Morales

    thank you for not making learning a boring experience. I actually enjoy
    learning through your videos even at a fast pace. All I have to do is
    REWIND. LOL God bless

  14. JesusfreakPC

    Ah, thanks very much. Hope you aren’t disappointed. Thanks for checking it
    out and commenting. Appreciate it.

  15. Amanda Parks

    I just started my first semester of Hebrew in college and I found this
    extremely helpful! After looking through the textbook for a couple hours, I
    hadn’t learned much, but once you explained it, everything made so much
    more sense! Thank you for your videos! I will be sure to reference them
    often. 🙂

  16. JesusfreakPC

    Thanks m8. Kind of you to drop by and say so. Appreciate it, bro.

  17. JesusfreakPC

    Hope so, and thanks, bro. If it ain’t easy, it can get discouraging. Thanks
    for dropping by and commenting.

  18. יהודה שמחה ולדמן

    Sir, I’m jewish of course, but I could help you as a human. I have some
    advices for you: I think you should sound the “Kamatz” as the letter U in –
    Up. Just like English. The “Hiriq” like the letter I in – This. I do that
    only to make difference from “Hiriq Maleh”, and I think it’s right. The
    “Kubbutz” like the letter U in – Pull.

  19. JesusfreakPC

    Ah, thanks very much and glad to hear it. Thanks for watching and
    commenting. Appreciate it.

  20. JesusfreakPC

    I’m sorry, but I simply do not know enough about Hebrew to be a translator
    in any way. I’m sure someone with way more experience and a true teacher of
    the Hebrew Language might be able to help you. Thanks very much for
    watching and commenting. Appreciate it.

  21. JesusfreakPC

    Thanks. Glad you think so. Thanks for checking it out and commenting.
    Appreciate it.

  22. JesusfreakPC

    And God bless Israel and Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee. Amen.

  23. יהודה שמחה ולדמן

    I think that even technical differences in the Niqqud are helpful, like
    Ashkenazi jews have Oy, Ey etc. that are variants of /o/, /e/ etc.
    Yemenites and Ashkenazi jews have a lot in common, and ancient Hebrew had
    both “Th” sounds, and a few more consonants – which the Yemenite jews are
    known for still having them in their prayings etc.

  24. JesusfreakPC

    Thanks very much. That’s a very nice compliment. And also, perhaps you can
    keep me clued in if I ever make a Hebrew vid that might be way off or
    totally off course from what they are teaching you in your Hebrew class,
    since I’m just sort of winging it, lol. Of course, I might not ever
    progress past the printing and into the writing or anything like that
    anyways, so who knows..Thanks for watching and commenting. Appreciate it.

  25. JesusfreakPC

    Hey, thanks very much. Great. Glad to hear it. Thanks for checking my
    Hebrew vids out and commenting. Appreciate it. Mostly for beginners, but
    good to hear doing some good for some people. Cheers.

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