Pt 3 Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary (Continuing Learning Hebrew)

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Published on November 11, 2015
TheBackyardProfessor posted video:

Beginning to put it all together in words and phrases.

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  1. Robert Sims

    Ok, I guess you will get this when you get back. I’m patient so whenever
    you get around to it is fine. I am infinitely intrigued by the Hebrew
    language. Thanks for your help!

  2. osmiolos

    “I think all people studying the scriptures should know Hebrew” how do you
    deal with the differences between ancient and modern hebrew??

  3. Robert Sims

    since you mentioned prefixes I’ve got a question for ya: in genesis 1 : 2
    there is a word spelled mem resh chet pe taw. I looked in a strongs
    concordance and found that the root is resh pe chet. Can you tell me what
    the prefix and suffix mean?

  4. TheBackyardProfessor

    I was told by John Tvedtnes that I should either concentrate solely on
    “Biblical” ortelse solely on “Modern” Hebrew, but do’t study them both
    together. So I am focusing on Biblical for now. There are differences.

  5. Cindy Lynn Gingras

    Hi I have a suggestion cause it could make the whole learning process much
    easier, when writting especially the vowel points could you double the
    lines so we can see it better. They’re a little light colour and so makes
    it difficult to read until youve specified what vowel is located on top or
    under the conssonant.

  6. TheBackyardProfessor

    Thanks. Actually, with my new video camcorder, the pics are MUCH clearer,
    so I am going to pick back up Hebrew here shortly.

  7. TheBackyardProfessor

    Yes, but not right at the moment. I gotta get out the door to work. Remind
    me and I shall see if I can get to this tonight. THANKS for askin pilgrim!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Robert Sims

    OK, I’m not being impatient or anything just making sure you didnt forget
    and saying thanks again for all the time and effort you put into teaching
    this language. I have been teaching the basics of what I know to my
    friends. I think all people studying the scriptures should know Hebrew.

  9. osmiolos

    “the same word, just masculine and feminine” I used to get those mixed up
    all the time when talking to my Jewish friends =)

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