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Published on October 14, 2008
bnaiorpueblo posted video:

Hebrew for the beginner

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  1. mrsbriandear

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have been so vague. I think I figured it out. When the general reading comes up and also in my bible I see what looks like 5 dots. I think what I’m seeing is 2 vowel markings next to each other under the same letter. I’m not sure what that means, but I think that’s what I’m seeing.

  2. Purpledepth

    5? there do you see five?

  3. mrsbriandear

    When reading the letters, some have 5 dots at the bottom !? What vowel is this? How do I read it? Thanks

  4. LLover3

    I tried to check the website, but couldn’t get through. Did they take it out? Great lessons, though!

  5. gpoila

    does not have audio

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