7 Reading Torah for Beginners: Gen 1:5

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Published on October 16, 2008
bnaiorpueblo posted video:

Slow reading for beginners

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  1. misolico

    great idea yet a heavy american accent

  2. Frankgone2007

    thank you so much i will look it up

    thank you for all your work!

  3. gershonbenfranja

    I could, but there is already something out that is much better than I could do. It’s the Torah Trope Trainer. I highly recommend it. It runs about $120.

  4. Frankgone2007

    Excellent! this is what I need.
    Can you do this with a book of the Bible and sell it on DVD discs?
    I love it
    Toda Raba!!

  5. profeale1

    toda raba !!

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