Learn the Hebrew Letters ~ The Basic 22

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Published on December 5, 2015
Rafael Sharbinah posted video:

Learning the Hebrew letters is the beginning. These videos are intended to take you from there and give you the tools to go much further. Meditation on the H…

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  1. Vanessa Perez

    BARUKH *7777 *10
    *922 *13 *3 IN *1 *0001A-O
    *922 = *9 = *22 = *7= *9= *11 *= *13 = *3 IN *1 = *0001 A+O
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    Vanessa Perez TO EACH, THEIR OWN.
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    Vanessa Perez *922 AHLIAH

  2. Vicente Ramirez

    muchas gracias, por el modo de esplicar el alefato hebreo.
    todah rabah, great way to teach the Hebrew alphabet.

  3. Olivia Conroy

    I think the music is a little frightening :)

  4. Cassandra Eighteentwentyone

    just about the right speed to comprehend each letter ….. and woooow, the
    picture at the end of the video, it’s appearing in 3 D ~ amazing ☺

  5. CanWeBeLikeGod

    Thank you for the Excellent Explanation, well it’s from the Baal Shem
    Tov…..Awesome!! Profound, Peaceful Video. Love the connection. Love &
    Light to you.

  6. tse4129

    go for it, Learn all the hebrew alphabet. wish you a lot of luck. God Bless.

  7. tony6d2x2

    That background music will be with me for a while.

  8. Arizonaliberty

    Good stuff Rafi, I like the cool music too!

  9. bathsheba huffman

    Sweet…. I want to learn it since I’ve haven’t learned it when I was
    coming up

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