Learn the Hebrew Vowels – Part 1

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Published on December 2, 2015
Michael Weis posted video:

This video is the first part of an introduction to all the Hebrew vowels, presented in what, at least to me, is the easiest way to learn them. Whether you kn…

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  1. aavichai

    the Kamats Sound is pronounced like O at the Askenzi and also by the Yamanis
    Originally it has the sound between the A and the O something like you
    pronouce in english the name Bob.
    the Kamats is also pronouced O in the Sapharadi accent and its called
    Kamats Katan ( you didnt explain that)
    like in the word חכמה=wisdom – the ח has Kamats katan and it is pronounce
    but if you read it with Kamats Gadol (the “regular”) חכמה=(she) got smart –
    pronounced Hakhma

  2. Stanley Best

    what software did you use. I use Davka. It looks like you use some form
    Google. Excellent presentation

  3. giddalti

    Thank you for your painstaking, thorough teaching.

  4. יהודה שמחה ולדמן

    The ancient Kamatz was like [o] or like the letter U in the word “Cup”, or
    the sound in the word “Tough”…

  5. Michael Weis

    This was done in Open Sankore. I’m not using it anymore as the video
    capture capabilities are really not so good. I’ve switched over to
    something that works better and captures everything as it happens.

  6. Michael Weis

    The pronounciation I’m using is modern Israeli pronounciation, and that
    includes both vowels and consonants. As an American, the Ayin is
    particularly difficult for me, so I’m not expecting any of my students to
    be able to differentiate it from an Aleph, and for practical reasons, I
    simply teach that both are silent, though of course, I know you are correct.

  7. afifkarout1

    could you tell me what program are you using to type?

  8. MrMopyD

    aw for qamats is Anglo ashkenaz / and german .. other ashkenazi dialects do
    it more of an oh like cholam in israeli (not ow like anglo cholam)

  9. Michael Weis

    I’m teaching modern Israeli pronounciation, as I understand it.

  10. MrMopyD

    alef is a glotal stop. a glotal stop has consonantal value in semitic

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