Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Words Online: Mnemonics

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Published on July 2, 2015
MasterBiblicalMemory posted video:

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  1. silvercord2018

    omg I leared these words really quick…i’m so starved to learn more words
    in Hebrew and I’ve been looking all over on youtube for them and i’m glad
    to have found them here.

  2. chris thebeau

    We just could not find the rest of your link to the rest of the weeks.
    Thank you so much for helping us. What good is it for us to follow the
    Torah and make Chliah bread keep the feast and Sabbaths and new moons. And
    not speak Hebrew.

  3. chris thebeau

    Thank you for helping me and my wife learn the words could you helps us do
    more? thank you again

  4. MasterBiblicalMemory

    Hi Chris – while we don’t currently offer a CD course, you’ve got us
    thinking about creating one! If you follow the provided links under
    “About,” there are some options for purchasing this book on various
    formats. Kind Regards.

  5. chris thebeau

    And to add Hebrew has been one of the easy ones I tried to learn. Its nice
    to know when your brain get a word and you related it right away to Hebrew
    even if a name is called Ken, I think of Yes 🙂

  6. chris thebeau

    Would you be doing day 2 and on? Or do we need to buy the CD me and my wife
    got all the words down in fully in a week. Thank you

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