Pt 1 Hebrew Vocabulary (Continuing Learning Hebrew)

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Published on August 6, 2015
TheBackyardProfessor posted video:

Here is some Hebrew words to build up our knowledge so we can begin reading the texts.

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  1. wayman29

    Excellent work professor!

  2. TheBackyardProfessor

    Heh…… I have been told by others I pronounce it very well. After all,
    really now……we have no idea how it was *really* pronounced in ancient
    history. lot of it is guessing.

  3. TheBackyardProfessor

    What? WHAT?!? I didn’t do it – lol……. I need to get back onto making
    more vocabulary don’t I?

  4. gda295

    thanx again!!!!!!!!!!

  5. besholem

    The Yud(Y) at the begining is for the third person. If the Hebrew root word
    is HAWAH, then it is impossible to know the wright meaning, because the
    correct pronunciation is lost.

  6. Italoarr

    you are a fantastic teacher!

  7. gda295

    cheers my man!

  8. BookofMormonReader

    Goodness me, Professor!

  9. thedark18

    notice the letter ב as in אבא is with a little leg on it’s left side, as
    opposed to the letter כ as in כן (yes) when you wrote בן (son) for a Hebrew
    reader it’ll look like כן (yes)

  10. thedark18

    sorry, the leg is in the right side of the letter ב not left.

  11. gda295

    of course it does and it was used the describe the Messiah as well ‘I AM’

  12. besholem

    Professor. What is the meaning of YHWH? I think it dose not mean I AM or
    anything close to that.

  13. besholem

    Thank you for your response to my question. I believe you are right, YHWH
    means ‘he will be/he is’. but I still did not understand why we addressed
    God in the 3rd as yh/wh and not yahayah if they are related to each other.

  14. 4trahasis

    @TheBackyardProfessor Two years ago you said you shall do some vids on
    YHWH, has this happened? I mean, one could look through your just shy of
    1,000 videos and find it and all… But again, maybe they haven’t been

  15. TheBackyardProfessor

    There is a lot of scholarly discussion generated on this issue. I shall do
    some vids on it, as that was my intention anyway. Thanks for bringing it up.

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