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Published on January 17, 2015
Jeff Benner posted video:

The word covenant is an abstract word whereas its concrete meaning is “meat.” Understanding a covenant from an Hebraic perspective reveals the literal meanin…

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  1. Jeff Benner

    That is very interesting about the branding, I had not heard of this
    before, but sounds like something I should look into 🙂

  2. yirmeYAH7

    is there more?

  3. Sneeky930

    So, why sin offerings? I’ve heard it said that covering sin is our way of
    making covenant with YHWH, but it would seem here that the sin offering is
    more about atonement for missing the mark with a covenant that was already
    made. Would that make sense? If it is correct, for what purpose, entirely,
    is the slaughtering of Yeshua?

  4. Glenn W M Smith

    Meat in the creation legend….is fruits and herbs…to you it shall be for
    meat…….big difference. Between eating fruits and herbs, and being a
    hunter, and skinning and killing creatures, and people.

  5. Martial Apologist

    Matthew “27:50 Then Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and gave up his
    spirit. 27:51 Just then88 the temple curtain was torn in two, from top to
    bottom. The earth shook and the rocks were split apart. ” Suppose this
    bears any associated meaning similar to Isreal being cut in two?

  6. imgodsservant

    I’m curious. Where did you learn Hebrew? You teach it so well.

  7. Ed Roberts

    Noah was given all animal to eat through the covenant…

  8. Glenn W M Smith

    Which Im starting to see a big difference in translation and attitudes, of
    people…..who think…meat…is meat……when the very first
    thing….spoken was…fruits and herbs to you it shall be for meat…and
    there was no death….in the garden of eatin… they all live in
    cities of starvin….

  9. IWannabeJew

    So is the Covenant signified/fulfilled by circumcision the cutting of a
    man’s “meat”? Interesting idea of “schism” as a penalty for disobedience. I
    believe that Jewish tradition is that the destruction of the Temple was
    because of disunity in the Jewish community, but maybe that disunity was
    the result of an earlier breaking of the Covenant by at least one of the
    resulting factions, probably in the days of the Hellenism?

  10. Maricel Romasanta

    @ancienthebreworg That leads me to trust other translators, than a
    self-taught one 🙂

  11. sbz666283

    @ancienthebreworg meeting the reuirements then from that point on they are
    a judge. In my case i am a Judge by birth, but i am in training. SInce i am
    only in training i am not yet a judge. I come from a family of judges since
    by isreali law i can prove that i am a benai Daveed on the mothers side the
    fathers side is not as provable as of yet.

  12. RavYoshiYahu

    One must know and understand that there are many types of covenants, there
    in the ancient times were covenants of salt, water, pillar, and blood. the
    greatest or most powerful was that of blood, which can never be annulled,
    or amended as to destroy and give way to another. If the covenant was
    broken, a sacrifice was required to RE NEW (or repair) the Covenant, and if
    not it would be forever abolished. HaShem knowing Abraham could never truly
    fulfill it obligated the Torch, who took his place.

  13. sbz666283

    @ancienthebreworg You have answered his questions correctly. marriages to
    where arranged by the father of the man, the women and her parents enter
    the picture. A person will be selected to negociate the terms for a yes or
    no to marriage. If theres a problem then both parties will come before a
    the judges. Rabbis prophets princes kings etc are judges. Being a judge the
    requirements are very steep.

  14. Ed Roberts

    Also.. Noah took a pair of EVERY clean animal and sacrifice them… that is
    probably the biggest sacrifice and cutting the meat that ever happened…

  15. Glenn W M Smith

    Concrete? Hebrews and concrete? I think theyve had enough masonry. In
    fact….they were told to abstain from it.

  16. Sneeky930

    Hey Jeff, it seems to me that many of us have this covenant thing
    backwards. I’ve heard people speak of a “blood covenant,” as if in the
    Bible something must die in order for two parties to make an agreement. In
    Abraham’s case, something did die, but that’s not the point, is it? The
    point, as you have explained, is a demonstration.

  17. dunklaw

    The only branding reference I can find is at Exodus 21:25. What is the
    origin for your info regarding a branding on the hand?

  18. Glenn W M Smith

    The first line spoken about diet….is pretty sure, what was meant. Seems
    like everything else is some way to try to fix, what was missed….like the
    whole point….of the story…and the purpose for man…..chop down
    everything, make stone buildings? Destroy creation? To save yourself?

  19. Jeff Benner

    @ladybee56 The marriage is as you have stated. The license of marriage that
    you speak of is a recent invention. In reality this license is basically
    getting permission and approval from the government, and is not necessary
    for a true marriage.

  20. Lypur

    😀 Yes you’re absaultly right! There was one other thing I learned was that
    after the covenant each person would put a mark on their hand usually
    burned, and when they passed other people they would hold up there hand to
    show others that if you attack me, I have someone who will hunt you down
    and destroy you. This seems to me the reason why God would be obligated to
    help his people come out of Egypt. Of course there are many many more
    reasons for egypt, but it is just another thing to add.

  21. Patricia Johnson

    I am very new to looking into the Hebrew language and ran across your
    videos which have been very enlightening, making me want to understand more
    about the translations of our Bibles. I am beginning to feel cheated of
    understanding and maybe even not knowing the name of God and our Savior.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  22. JDDsHoneyBee

    I’ve just nearly finished an 11 week in depth study of covenant by Precepts
    ministry. It has been incredible. While it went into many aspects,
    including the Hebrew words, I hadn’t quite grasped it. This really helped
    me a lot. And I’d never seen the connection between Israel’s split and the
    breaking of covenant. Very interesting.

  23. Jeff Benner

    I am self taught, and thank you.

  24. nathanael alviar

    Hi Jeff, I’d just like to ask you a question. If the word “b’rith” has
    always something to do with cutting of meat, where was the meat when God
    established His covenant with Noah and the humankind in Genesis chapter 9?

  25. sbz666283

    @ancienthebreworg To be a judge one must follow the entire torah and teach
    men to do so. One must come from a family that God selects to judge issues.
    If a believer In the God of the bible is concidered to be apart of judism
    proper. aka Christians are a sect of judism proper but wont be able to be a
    judge till that person gets deeper into the faith. A person not a blood
    born jew gets adopted by the rabbi that converted him to faith. Jesus aka
    Rabbi Immanuel Benai David is

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