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Published on February 25, 2013
learnClassicalHebrew posted video:

Visit http://eTeacherBiblical.com/hebrew-course for more information. In this lesson, we meet the Hebrew alphabet for the first time. We learn that the Hebre…

  1. learnClassicalHebrew

    Thank you!

  2. warrioryuki

    this is so much easyer than i expected. i have been studying japanese and the lessons of hebrew are so alike that it is easyier to understand. thankyou so much

  3. learnClassicalHebrew

    Thank you!

  4. allstepsto

    A great way to learn Hebrew

  5. learnClassicalHebrew

    Yes! You are right! Listen to the recent videos. You will hear this pronunciation.

  6. MrDoremouse

    I guess Ayin would have been pronounced like the Arabic ”Ayen” ? Shalom :)

  7. Marshall Earn

    No it wasn’t a final kaf. It was the other line that was long.

  8. learnClassicalHebrew

    Todah Rabbah!!!

  9. scottybroker

    YOU MAKE A HEARD LESSON EASIER!! Thank You, Teacher.

  10. bhprof

    Sounds like it might be a final kaf with a silent shewa in it? Did it look like a dalet with a long tail extending below other letters and a colon ( : ) in it?

  11. Huntgoddessfishery

    Agreed. Thanks so much. This is very wonderful, a great blessing.

  12. Arizonaliberty

    I keep having to relearn the sounds because they all say them differently! Ahhhhhhhhh! One says long e then short e then silent Aleph then Aleph has a sound man, kill me now…

  13. learnClassicalHebrew

    Can you write me a reference?

  14. Marshall Earn

    I found a place where it looks like dallet but longer and multiple consanents within it. What is this?

  15. Christina C

    Watch this first, and it may help…

  16. Harun Nag

    The name mahammed is in bible in HEBREW text in songs 5:16 instead of puting in english versions they put the TRANSLATION of his name.. Why did they use the translation of his name in english versions instead of the name itself???

  17. Marcos Antônio Soares de Andrade Filho

    I suggest that the videos are also recorded by Portuguese-speaking teachers. Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world. Furthermore, I believe, in eTeacher, there are many Portuguese-speaking students. Todah Rabbah! Lehitra’ot!!!

  18. Maria teotiste Mujica de Balza

    ELcurso me gusta,pero lo vería mejor en español

  19. Dario Pires

    Tem material em portugues?

  20. 91blask

    Latin script came from Arabic. This woman looks like a European (Khazar).

  21. Carlos Bergamo

    ainda vou intender, abraço

  22. Clxves

    I said thank you for posting a video to help learn the Hebrew Alphabet.

  23. danix803

    Please don’t look as my questions as confrontational. I am truley curious. and I genuinly appreciate the time and effort that U take to make these videos. I think that UR a very wonderful and caring person to such a gracious thing for G♥D, the people, the country, and the language. shalom.

  24. danix803

    I’ve also heard the pronounciation of ELI (ii) and ELOI (ooii-saying both as long vowels). If these names of my G♥D R2B transliterated properly wouldn’t they be spoken as ELI (ee not ii)…(prayer) Can U explain it, please (bavakasha veshalom)?

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