Shocking: What the Ancient Hebrew Bible Actually Says!

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Published on July 21, 2015
TorahTruth posted video:

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  1. Joe C

    I didn’t get to watch yet but am about to, I want to type this before I
    forget, if anybody knows my question please help.

    Is it possible to translate from the english text into the greek or hebrew
    or aramaic text?

    Because the original writings were translated into english, but the english
    words are not the correct translations here in 2015.

    So how can you use the english KJV or geneva text to translate back into

    It should be the original ancient writings translated into english with the
    words proper meaning, otherwise we don’t have any clue or idea what God is
    telling us in The Bible.

    So since these Bibles clearly have different meaning back 2000 years ago
    than they do now how can we know for sure what God is, and what He wants us
    to know?

    Can we pray and tell God I want to live my life right please God or Yah
    lead me on the correct path to you and to not be lead into hell.

    This world this culture we are seeing according to modern english scripture
    is a culture that is completely damned to hell, it cannot be this bad can

    Something is wrong here sometimes I feel like I’m the last sane person
    around and that everybody else is living there lives care free, but I’m
    under constant guilt & cant get anywhere in life because I’m afraid that
    God will punish me if I do something wrong, plus I have a disease called
    hypersexuality bi-polar and it causes me to sin when I don’t want to, but I
    also believe having high Morales causes me to sin more.

    Anybody want to chime in on this?

  2. Knight OfNights

    What never made sense to me is why God had to create the tree of life and
    tree of knowledge in the first place. He should’ve known something wrong
    was going to happen. Why didn’t he just stop Eve from attempting to eat the
    fruit. He must have known that Adam and Eve did not hold the knowledge or
    experience to know what would happen. They did not know any better. Just
    like kids. 

  3. tyrone chisholm

    Paul, who is a fallower of Jesus, said, by the unctioning by the HOLY
    SPIRIT, for us to be as the Borians and study the word to show ourselves
    approved. We should question and study everything that anyone says, even
    the Word. We need to pray about what is writen. Then, we will see what is
    really writen, and what GOD really says, just like the people of TorahTruth
    have probebly done. Paul was tought by the SPIRIT of GOD that a lot of
    what is being tought in religion is fauls. We all need to do research to
    know what we are being fed.

  4. ontheline

    Author of channel is jewish not christian so….

  5. Amber Griffis

    How do you know what year The Lord is returning

  6. John Smith

    There is no W in Hebrew. I love how people learn something in five minutes
    and think they are obligated to share their flawed view. Be patient and
    come to your conclusions slowly. Don’t keep rushing it or it’s gonna give
    you a false truth. 

  7. 111gagafan

    learn Hebrew and study Torah – you will G-d

  8. Cynthia Avishegnath

    I need a transcript of the audio for me to read.
    There is a screeching high frequency echo that makes my ears ring painfully.

    Why couldn’t this person have use better recording equipment?

  9. Haley Martin

    some good things in there, but not all quite right. especially about
    faith. it says in his word that you cannot please him without faith. 

  10. tyrone chisholm

    I do not agree with what is said from 6:59mins to 7:16mins. Man was
    created to grow and be like GOD, but knowing right from wrong was to be set
    apart for GOD. That’s why we were not to eat from the tree of the knowlege
    of good and evil. That tree was the first instance of a tithe. Of all the
    trees we could take part in, but that tree was to be set apart for GOD, and
    man was to be good. All knowlege was to come from GOD. We were supposed
    to go to GOD for all knowlege, not to have it for ourselves. Not to attain
    on our own.

  11. johnny gutierrez

    this guy is an idiot

  12. 111gagafan

    You will know G-D

  13. Kathleen MacDonald

    I just recently purchased the Complete Jewish Bible. It is the Bible
    translated directly from Hebrew to English, rather than Hebrew to Greek to
    English. The Greek translation is not as potent as the Hebrew translation.
    Some meaning is lost, then further translated into English, further dilutes
    the original word.

  14. doug nelson

    if what you say form 6:59mins in to 7:16mins in is true that is what we
    got when they eat form the tree of good and evil and if so it something we
    must not use if we want to be like god god made us without the knowing of
    good and evil, good and evil was in what they eat right
    not what god put in us to be as him, so if we want to be like he have us to
    be we must stop using the knowing of good and evil because he made us with
    out it right what you all think facebook me nando Collins

  15. scanmangr

    But the issue is that the greek “Translation of O`” {also known as
    Septuagint… and even ancient non-christian rabbins admitted in their
    talmud, that Septuagint is inspired of God, but “only” for the
    Pentateuch/Torah, that is, as they claim this “only”} of the paleo-hebrew
    holy scriptures, centuries, BEFORE, the first presence of Lord Jesus
    Christ, are based on much older paleo-hebrew holy scriptures, than e.g. the
    hebrew Masoretic Texts, which they have been written, AFTER, many
    centuries. BUT BUT BUT… this is NOT an issue of “sola scriptura”,… the
    “deep” understanding, the LIFE in Christ. The Holy Spirit guides the one,
    holy, apostolic and catholic(with the greek meaning of the word: to all)
    ecclesia of God since sirca 2000 years now. It is a living promise, you
    see, by Lord Jesus Christ and it doesnt matter if you are greek or h-ebrew
    or…. After all the glory will go to God, stop the nationalistic vanities
    and the vanities only i mean. God will glorify this which can accept glory,
    into the eternity.

  16. truethinker

    Is it true that the Greek Old testament original MSS LXX is older than any
    known Hebrew Scrolls, And that Hebrew manuscript scrolls were translated
    from the Greek Septuagint?

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