Biblical Hebrew Alphabet Song: Learn the Hebrew Alphabet!

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Published on July 1, 2015
MasterBiblicalMemory posted video:

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  1. Tracy Howard

    אלף בית

  2. Youngmoneytnt

    1 more time i am teaching my sons

  3. Fairy Tailes

    This sounds so easy, even I can do it.

  4. LaTrane Simpkins

    I’m so exited. I got it and learned it so quickly. Now for remembering how
    to write the alphabet. Thanks.

  5. allstepsto

    An excellent way to learn the alphabet

  6. DonMrLenny

    א,ב,ג,ד,ה,ו,ז,ח,ט,י,כ (ך),ל,מ (ם),נ (ן),ס,ע,פ (ף),צ (ץ),ק,ר,ש,ת

  7. Tamir Madmoni

    I’m so sorry, but this did make me laugh, in a good way. =) I thought you
    pronounced some of the Hebrew kind of oddly, but being Israeli myself I
    guess I just pick up accents and stuff. =)


    Is that called a mnemonic device?

  9. T Moreland

    2:33 play from here over and over

  10. sixacsix

    Best help I have found on youtube. Use flash cards when on repeat for best

  11. Celine Vilshansky

    he is a pretty good singer awesome song

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