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Published on August 30, 2015
groomanb posted video:

Wait for it! The 12 second silence at the beginning of the video was necessary to synch up the slides, Much thanks to Eric Bissell and Dave Klug for their co…

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  1. Channell Daniels

    I love this,at 50+ and learning Hebrew I need every advantage. I am in
    classes,but this has really blown me away. It gave me a study partner who
    will not refuse to work with me lol.

  2. Natsarim ** M. Dael B.

    Very Good…

  3. J Reese

    I think your song is wonderful….it makes me all teary! Aleph Tav

  4. Daniel Ziegler

    That is an awesome aleph-bet song, including the definitions of each
    letter. Really cool.
    One issue is the camel idea for gimel. In ancient Hebrew, according to Dr.
    Jeff Benner, gimel just means foot or to walk and was originally turned
    around 180 degrees, looking like a leg with a foot. The same idea can be
    seen obviously in Yod, looking like a hand and elbow, meaning to grasp or

  5. Tracy Howard

    ssh o hi chin

  6. justbehealthy

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  7. David Love-Hickson

    Nice Work! I like it.

  8. aSoulBearer

    Todah achi… this is so TOWB for ALL ages!!! :0)

  9. nazareneroyale


  10. Brian Jones

    I observed that some of the Hebrew letters resemble the English alphabet
    remotely. They remind me of the English alphabet, but turned in different

  11. groomanb

    I have the video on powerpoint and the words/chords available, just email
    me grromanb at hotmail dot com

  12. platinumbuyers

    Todah rabah mi toch ha lev.

  13. heartshepherd

    ToDaH!!! I cannot explain why this song makes me cry….I love it so much!!

  14. daughter yasharal

    kee towb YaHuWaH! Barukh atta b’Shem YaHuWaH malek ha’Olam!

  15. groomanb

    It’s for children of Yisra’el, of all ages 😉

  16. groomanb

    Thanks…I tried to get Julie Andrews to sing this, but she was
    busy…maybe someday ;^)

  17. Yahuwdah Gil

    genius halaluYah

  18. daughter yasharal

    Todah Rabah!!! This is a great help to us! 🙂

  19. groomanb

    I appreciate your input. I don’t consider myself to be a scholar of modern
    Hebrew. I have read and listened to various Hebrew scholars, however, and
    they have made statements that pronunciations re: the Hebrew language and
    letters will vary, depending on location and time period. This particular
    song is a “Paleo” alef-bet memorization tool, for children of all ages. If
    you would like to use the concept of this video to create a song with
    alternate letter pronunciations on youtube, be my guest.

  20. groomanb

    You’re welcome, I’m glad the song is a blessing for you. I wrote it last
    Sukkot, when we were driving home two deer crossed the road in front of us.
    They were my “witnesses” that I needed to use the melody “doe, a deer” to
    help people learn the alef-bet!

  21. groomanb

    Eric lives near us here in Oregon and we’ve met him on several occasions.
    His insights on the Paleo Hebrew letter meanings are fascinating and I’ve
    used his translations on several songs this past year (including “Daniel
    2012” and “Shuvah YHWH”) The rest of the story re: the alef-bet song was my
    wife and I saw Eric at Sukkot last year near Salem. After his presentation
    my friend Laura came up to me and said “I just can’t keep all these letters
    straight, can you write a song that will help me?”

  22. Pitzer Darryl R.

    Best bet sisytem I tried that HOWTOBETONSPORTS.NETAU.NET System never needs
    to be replaced, never needs to be updated, and never to fail

  23. groomanb

    The Paleo Hebrew script goes back at least 5000 years and the letters have
    changed slightly in appearance during that time. (I remember buying a
    poster from the Hebrew University that illustrated this, when I studied in
    Israel, back in the ’80s

  24. heartshepherd

    Well, part of the reason is that I have been studying Eric Bissell’s
    teachings for a while now. He’s one of my favorite people, and I haven’t
    even met him, but there’s a good chance that I will this weekend, as he is
    in Southern Cali. The other part is love for the song through Sound of
    Music. So see how our AB ties things together?

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