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Published on July 30, 2015
learnClassicalHebrew posted video:

Visit http://eTeacherBiblical.com/hebrew-course for more information. In this lesson, we will meet the remaining basic Hebrew vowels: E-I-O-U. The vowel, whi…

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  1. Adalberto José Sierra Severiche

    I like it. Is it possible to make a Spanish version, for people that do not
    understand English?
    Adalberto Sierra S. 

  2. Marshall Earn

    That would be like me calling you by anything but your name. Would you want
    me to identify you by name or would you want me to call you “boy” or “man”
    or “girl” or “woman” depending upon your gender, or would you want me to
    call you by name? God names Himself for a reason, we should use it for that

  3. learnClassicalHebrew

    Todah Todah!

  4. Marshall Earn

    I agree, columkenn. It says Jehovah God. The teacher should say it right
    instead of confusing us with saying Adonai where it’s supposed to be

  5. Regina

    Toda raba! Excelent lesson!

  6. columkenn

    Why substitute the Creators name with this Adonai despite the Torah
    instructing us all to use the correct name. The Rabbi’s substituted the
    name, I would have thought in the 21st century the public would have seen
    through this superstitious nonsense. It is wrong for a Hebrew language
    class to teach incorrect Hebrew words, substituting this Adonai when us
    beginners can see that is incorrect

  7. Aye' Torres


  8. Srade Farras

    @annaguz1 I think she explained in one of the videos that out of respect
    for God’s name they don’t say it loud. I’m not sure but that’s how I
    understand it. I’m not Jewish so I can freely write the Lord’s name but
    Jewish would write G-d instead out of respect for His Holy name.

  9. ZephaniYah White

    I should inform you that the vowel points added to the sacred name are not
    the correct vowel points. His name is properly pronounced IAUE
    (ee-ah-oo-ey). The vowel points provided are actually from Adonai. This can
    be easily proven, as anytime in scripture where the actual word ‘Adonai’
    appears before IAUE, the vowels for the sacred name are changed. Instead,
    the vowels for Elohim are inserted so that the reader wont read Adonai
    twice, but instead, Adonai Elohim.

  10. learnClassicalHebrew

    Thank you!!!

  11. Anna Guzeltas

    again i see where the four letters jwhw you say adaonai but that is not
    what it says ,i am not to good in my biblical hebrew yet but these four
    letters i know blindfolded,.why do you not pronounce the correct
    pronounciation,hopw are we to learn the right way if you keep things hidden
    or not correct pronounced

  12. Aribella Sh

    Great lesson!!! xoxoxo

  13. sdk4675

    In Modern Hebrew long and short vowels are pronounced the same,but that is
    not the case in Biblical Hebrew.If this class is meant to teach Biblical
    Hebrew, than be honest and teach it correctly.

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