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Published on May 17, 2012
learnClassicalHebrew posted video:

Visit: eteacherhebrew.com In this lesson, we teach about the remaining letters of the Hebrew alphabet: ב/ כ/ פ/ ג/ד/ת /ו/ י/ ז/ צ/ ס/ ט/ ק/ שֹ/ שׁ You will learn that Hebrew has only 23 letters, of which five have a special suffix form: .כ-ך; מ-ם;נ-ן; פ –ף; צ – ץ In our lessons, we also talk about Abraham’s journey with his family from Ur to Haran, where they settled until his father died. Abraham then continued his journey through the region of Aram (Syria), into the land of Canaan; he stopped at Shechem, where God appeared unto Abraham, who consequently built an altar. Facebook: www.facebook.com

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  1. columkenn

    Is the 2nd word here actually Adonai as she says it, or is it Gods real name, Yahovah or Yahway, etc. This thing of Jews editing out Gods real name as he wrote it and requested us to say it makes it confusing for beginners to learn. Can anyone confirm is the 2nd word actually Adonai or did she just say Adonai out of conditioning?

  2. 12345soccerguy

    @nellysonic lol why not offense? thanks, any way. 

  3. nellysonic

    @12345soccerguy Its Yehowah the vav came later but the waw was always there so it Yehowah no offense shalom

  4. 12345soccerguy

    Jehovah is actually a smart name. YHWH or YHVH is God. But, if you add vowels, you can get YeHoVaH and then Jehovah.

  5. 613degrees

    @annaguz1 “but you know Jehovah God does notmind it when we do not use the correct pronounciation,as long as we use his name ”

    A) i do not know weither G-d minds if we use the right pronunciation when it comes to His/Her/It’s name since nothign was ever relived about said topic.
    B) where do you get your backing to say that G-d doesn’t mind as long as we use his name?

  6. 613degrees


    you qoute shemot 3:14 that says ( and this is my direct translation)
    “14. And G-d ( Elohim is used here) said to Moshe “Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh.”
    He continued, “Thus shall you say to the Israelites Ehyeh sent me to you”
    Eheyh = I Will Be or I Am
    Asher= is a pronoun which can mean “who”, “which”, “that”,or “where” depending on the contexts.
    thus HaShem says “I will be who i will be” or like you said “I am who I am” or any other combination is valed
    But Y-H-V-H has nothing to do with this.

  7. 613degrees

    not only would these Tzaddiks and Tzaddakism not say the namemany of them wrote against even trying to understand the name let alone say it! ( read the Mishneh Torah, Shulchan Aruch or the talmud)


  8. 613degrees

    you said “how can the Children get close to the almighty if they do not use his name”
    but there has been Thousands of Tzaddiks , men and women far holier and wiser then you or i who have reached leaves of closeness and understanding of the Almighty that most people will never even get a glimpse of , yet these men and women wouldn’t dare say the holy name.

  9. 613degrees

    i say good reason because .
    1) IN TORAH in the original hebrew the name is unpronounceable.
    2) Only Moshe and Arron (PBUT) knew how to pronounce the name , and the Kohen Gadol to follow.
    3)we are not permitted to SAY The Name the name in vain ( Shemot 20:7) and since the name was only allowed to be said on Yom Kippur by the Kohen Gadol , any other use would be both Improper , in vain , and directly against the Diven Law.

  10. 613degrees

    im assuming when you say “2nd book of Moses 15:3” you mean Shemot 15:3
    which says “Y-H-V-H the Warrior , Y-H-V-H is his name”
    i dont knwo what this has to do with what were talking about, but just so we are clear;
    i am not arguing where or not Yud Hei Vav Hei is one of HaShems name or that its the purest of the relieved names.
    all im saying is that NO ONE alive right now knows how to say it and with good reason.

  11. 613degrees

    are distorted, i read hebrew so ill translate the passages you posted properly. but if you don’t trust me ill message you sources of proper translations.

    Shemot 3:15 ” And G-d (Elohim is used here) said further to Moshe “thus you shall speak to the Israelites: Y-H-V-H the G-d( Elohi is used here) of your fathers, the G-d of Avraham, the G-d of Yitzchak, the G-d of Yacov, has sent me to you :
    this shall be My name forever,
    This is My appellation for all Eternity.”

  12. 613degrees

    first off the name “Yah” (as in Halleluyah of in names of people) is not the same as the holy name.
    could you also provide me with where you get ” Jeh-ovah” as the proper way to pronounce the divne name?
    since liek i said there’s no “J” in hebrew and since no member of Israel will claim to know how to say it , where did you get this clearly divine information?

    i have to pled with you to use a better translation cause what you posted are not only incorrect translations
    but also

  13. annaguz1

    @613degrees You are right JHVH which usually is used in holy writings ,but you know Jehovah God does notmind it when we do not use the correct pronounciation,as long as we use his name ,of course with the utmost repect,The catholic church has decreed that the name is even to be removed and not be used again,but dont we use it in HALLELUJAH funny isnt it,he does not want us to use Lord or the name He Says

  14. annaguz1

    @613degrees how can the Children get close to the allmighty if they do not use his name,yes you are right the right pronounciatian,but you know ,HE will forgive us ,for this,that we do not exactly know how to pronounce his name ,but at least He knows we are trying to get close to Him,I am proud that He gave us this information in the holy wrings so we are able to use His allmighty name which makes him different from all these manmade gods,only HE named Himself Jehovah Íam who I am

  15. annaguz1

    @613degrees I would like to answer with a scripturein Jeremiah it stipulates the allmighty saying
    Óne day you people will forget my name”You can find in Exodus 3:15 Jehovah speaking to MosesÍ am Jehovah,this is my name to time indefinite,and if farao ask tell him Jehovah the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob sent you,Also David and the many prophets used Gods Name,so why should it not be allowed,if anyone calls me anne or anna,at least i know they mean me,and Jehovah God wants us to use his name

  16. 613degrees

    A) we are not permitted to say HaShem’s holy name ,
    Only the Kohanim Gadol can once a year on Yom Kippur and since theres no Beit HaMikdash it hasnt be said for over 2 millenia.
    B) its impossible to know how to say HaShems name since no one knows the proper vowel pronunciation.
    so its literally only known as the way it apprears in the holy works ( ie. Chumash, Tanakh, Talmud etc.)
    so it would be like trying to say “YHVH” in english .. doesnt work.

  17. 613degrees

    well first off its not “jhwh” since theres both no “J” or “W” sounds in hebrew.
    the holy name of HaShem is spelt with a Yod Hey Vav and Hey making it YHVH.
    secondly when ever you you have to say the name you replace it with the words Adoni (Lord) or HaShem (the name).
    we never say the Holy name for 2 main reasons.

  18. annaguz1

    in the part of jonah there you siad adonai to the tetragrammaton why becouse there
    was the letters jhwh that is not adonai ?

  19. brazilian777able

    Wow! you are excellent.

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