Hebrew Lesson 6- Animals

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Published on January 1, 2013
LearnArabicwithMaha posted video:

If you have any questions please post them here or to my Facebook page and I’ll be glad to answer you. My second Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/MahaJu…

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  1. habiba82694

    مها تشبه كيم كارداشيان

  2. Lucas Busto


  3. Shanna Faris

    Love the animal names in both Hebrew and Arabic, as I’m trying to learn them both. Thank you so much!

  4. JayBarrington

    How come when I said Hamor to an Arabic speaker he didn’t understand what that was? Your sister Naram (pardon my spelling) said you can use it too insult somebody. LOL! I said to a Hebrew speaker and she understood. I said Hansh to her and she laughed at me cuz she thinks I meant to say Nahash. Anyways thank you ladies for teaching me these languages!!!

  5. GraceAyoosh

    ‘Aryeh’ is Lion in Hebrew, it’s the same word in Aramaic as well.It could be an ancient word. The Arabic word for lion however,is ‘Asad’

  6. JayBarrington

    Nahash means snake. Also doesn’t the word Hanash exit meaning skies or sky?? I apologize I mixed up my Hebrew 🙁

  7. Maycoll Ferreira Vieira

    You’re very different from each other!!!

  8. Kate Gdmarael

    I have really enjoyed your videos. You both are amazing and I can tell you are very close sisters. 😀 I am having a bit of trouble with the “k” sounds. I think I should be able to speak it pretty well as Cherokee seems to be harder than Hebrew to me. I am part native american and my name is Galisgianoquisi, which in cherokee means Dancing Star. Anyway, I have very much enjoyed your videos and hope you complete more Hebrew lessons! Shalom! Kate Marael

  9. 1ziad1994

    kalb = dog
    kalb ” we change the “ق” with “k”in English because there is no letter in English can make the voice of the “ق”
    use google translation to hear it ,, write ” قلب ”

    sorry about my English

  10. mn19865

    I can’t hear what you said !
    what is aryeh ?

  11. schellohello

    heart meansy qalb with qaf sometimes alb or elb ^^

  12. Zachary Hocker

    super beautiful!

  13. rchater2

    Qalb=heart ; Kalb=dog. Kalb is softer Kaa whereas Qalb is Kuh and sounds deeper

  14. EvilForGoodVision

    Qalb ,, in arabic if u say Kalb it means dog.. 😀

  15. Sarah Chemsy

    It’s Qalb. It’s not the usual K, but a Q quite hard to pronouce, maybe you see which letter I’m talking about ^^

    Rest in peace, Boby… 🙁

  16. Clearbluewater1000

    Hi Maha! I love your videos and my Arab friends can really see my Arabic improving! I was just wondering would you be able to do a situational arabic lesson in the pharmacy? To learn vocab for complaining about coughing or buying paracetamol and all that. Shukran jazeelan!!

  17. Josef B

    It’s… the same. lol but pronounced a LITTLE bit differently. :))

  18. jeanfrancoisrr

    You look nice people.

  19. Diegoooorg

    Heart is “قلب” (Qalb). It’s a little bit hard for foreigners to pronounce the Q correctly, so be careful not to say you love someone from the depths of your… dog!

  20. Muta'b Aamari

    Qalb or Galb

  21. Arabsys

    from where did you get this wrong information about both coming from Aramaic !! maybe it’s true for hebrew, but not for Arabic, Arabic is more pure semetic than Hebrew and Aramaic, the closest semetic language to Arabic is Akkadian

  22. Adil Ahmad

    AAAh i wish i was that dog 😛

  23. guyporteztki

    peace now :)

  24. iwillgofar

    Shallom !
    I love you girls !!

  25. stavros alexandrou

    boby is dead?

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