Hebrew Lesson : Shalom !

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Published on January 3, 2013
LearnArabicwithMaha posted video:

I am teaching you 3 important words in Hebrew.

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  1. taly bron

    נהדר. תודה רבה. המשיכי הלאה בהצלחה.

  2. james lacy


  3. amer abed

    oh god i can’t learn i just keep looking for your beautiful eyes

  4. Angie Acosta

    Maha thanks for your help w Hebrew . How do you write (I love Jesus and God)thanks -Angie Acosta

  5. bathsheba huffman

    That was awsome took me some time to write it down

  6. Maycoll Ferreira Vieira

    Of course, Assyrian comes from Aramaic, exactly as Hebrew does

  7. Rachel Hollander

    Youre the best teacher ever!!! I learn so easy with your videos. Ive never ever grasped a language so easily 🙂 toda raba mahaaaaaa 3

  8. Tariq Shaker

    yes.. shukraan kiteer, toda raba ya maha. you was great..!!!

  9. justynalbn

    it should be Bivakasha or Bevakasha ?

  10. samsayasif008

    I Just Want to Tell You

    Toda …..

    Toda Raba

  11. Nizan ben ezra

    i know hebrew

  12. MatthiasMaximus

    omg, like…

  13. Buli0n

    at ya fa! xD

  14. kayadread1

    what a nice girl

  15. rainbowsky2

    YES Hebrew is closer to Assyrian than Arabic. very similar…….I am Assyrian :))

  16. just a person from earth

    toda ghaba 🙂

  17. Jordan Mnl

    repeat and repeat again ,so gorgeus this teacher.

  18. Klemin2012

    Very good lesson, Hebrew is a great second language to learn. The writing is very old and if you took the Hebrew translation of the older text you find something amazing, It does not match the english verse but rather is put into another explanation of. I have no idea why this happens a lot but it does. Maybe to change the meaning of or to change into a more personal understanding. I notice this happens a lot when things get translated from older text but why I have not figured out yet.

  19. yelowangel12

    watching arabic women teaching hebrew….amazing :)

  20. EleKroniQ

    she’s catholic though

  21. Shay Cohen

    חחחח ממש אוהבים אותך 🙂 את מלמדת ממש טוב דרך אגב!

  22. kim621100

    Cuban Jews in Miami love you !!check me out on J date if you are siingle !!Or “”POF”‘ In KEY LARGO

  23. sujoy64


  24. eddiedazle

    yummm. kussit!!!

  25. wilsonbruce143

    You are very beautiful …. 🙂

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