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Published on May 29, 2012
LearnHebrewPod posted video:

Visit us at learnhebrewpod.com and start you Hebrew course today! Enjoy our special audio sessions and an amazing website full of interactive learning tools to make learning Hebrew easy and fun!! In this first lesson, Liat and Eran, our two Israeli instructors meet for the first time. Join us to learn how to greet someone in Hebrew and ask for their name. Welcome to Learn Hebrew Pod!

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  1. PorseleinenPoppetje

    i wanna learn Hebrew & visit Israel! Bless from the Netherlands

  2. XiaoXiong96

    I’ve known Hebrew for about 12-13 years, but I’m not that good! I take Hebrew in High School now though 🙂

  3. SharpArizona

    yafe me’od!!!

  4. Maynor3961

    metzuyan….ve toda rabà.

  5. 1982BornAgain

    Excelent Lesson !

    I am from Mexico and I want to learn English and Hebrew Lenguages and I see this course a great opportunity to do so.

    I Love Israel !

    I Love Jewish music !

    I Love to study Tora !

    I want to read Tanaj in its original lenguage.

    ! תודה רבה for this Hebrew & English Lessons


  6. voirpourcroire

    Jonathan Liat and Eran are like family to me! I’ve been a student of LearnHebrewPod for a couple of years and I am NEVER bored. I can do so many things : read the PDF, do games, read, learn vocabulary through many activities.
    As a French professor, I can “see” all the great work behind the scene !
    תודה לכם
    דניז denise

  7. JohnGraydon1

    It was a great idea to show longer samples like this on YouTube, to give us more of an idea what the full course contains. It was a bit hard to tell how complete it was going to be, from the brief samples I’d seen before.

    I was impressed enough to sign up for the whole course. Looking through the lessons, I am VERY impressed by everything the course includes. I listened to a sample of an advanced lesson — and boy, I’m sure going to be fluent when I get there! I’m looking forward to this.

  8. kathyleicester

    I’ve been learning for a couple of years now, and though I’ve slacked off a bit in the past few months, these guys are supergood teachers and if you just keep at it, you’ll learn more than you thought you ever would.

    Hooray Jonathan, Eran, and Liat!

  9. israelkuras

    I am personally taking this course and it is great. You get so much when you sign up. Each level is filled with full PDF files of every lesson given in MP3 format, along with digital games, and further learning exercises. If you are interested in learning to read, that is there as well. I highly recommend this course.

    Joyce Kuras

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