Learn Hebrew Kindergarten Lesson 01 Track 01

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Published on October 9, 2008
MrHebrew posted video:

Learn simple nouns/adjectives.

  1. smiley199meeeee

    bait in arabic same in hebrew .. proud to be iraeli arabic 😀

  2. KfirDuadi

    i know hebrwe cause im from israel 😀
    not that hard

  3. UmHumaid

    Wow this was actually very clear! I tried learning from phrasebooks, but without actually listening to the language being spoken, it’s very hard.

    Thanks Mr. Hebrew!

  4. lovelyabz

    thsi is good! 🙂 thank you!!!!

  5. sumaprabha

    The presentation is very catchy and leaves a lasting impression on the mind. I thoroughly enjoyed this video and came away learning three words in Hebrew – the house, ball and big. I find it inspiring to learn Hebrew from Mr. Hebrew if he would put up more of these videos!

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