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Published on August 14, 2015
EilatToday . posted video:

Short video about the Ulpan (Hebrew school) at Eilat city. profile 2009.

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  1. Anderson Rocha

    The english girl is so pretty. Yafah meod!

  2. trsk2000

    I’m sure the various hotel chains are offering work to new immigrants in
    Eilat; they pay rubbish wages and can exploit them as much as they can. I
    have no idea what motivates these people to go from being a qualified,
    accomplished person to being a cleaner in a hotel in Israel

  3. Neil Baker

    stupid slag didn’t even bother washing her hair, greasy pie faced ugly old
    Jewish bitch

  4. trsk2000

    SO Leael, you want to learn to speak, read and write, in which language,
    Hebrew or English?

  5. trsk2000

    at 0.14 the woman gave the other woman the answer lol

  6. PumpkinDebbie

    Hi everybody, I was in Ulpan at G’s class in 2006/07. She’s a great
    teacher. In this video a saw my good friend from Thailand – are you on
    Facebook as well? Contact me!

  7. Anita Hartshorn Frank Sweiding

    hello we are new here in Eilat working at the WOW show on Ice – we will be
    here for 12- 24 months and want to take Hebrew lessons at a school . Can
    you send me the local number of the school? My phone number here in Eilat
    is 054-760-9653. you can see our skating videos on our youtube site-
    anitask8s99. Toda Anita Hartshorn

  8. kazuyaheihachi

    great work,best job:X mariu from romania:D

  9. The DarkSide

    ווידו אחי טוב:D

  10. Neil Baker

    that Leael sounds like a bubble brain Yorkshire slapper – she can’t even
    speak English properly how the fuck’s she gonna learn Hebrew?

  11. kazuyaheihachi

    neaah i didn’t write good,you have done a great job,very nice:)

  12. The DarkSide

    You Idiot ,you are just another fag,rasist idiot,I am not jewish but I was
    at the ulpan to learn,and nobody told me anything that I am christian,and
    evrybody was friendly.

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