MYSTICAL MEANING of the HEBREW ALPHABET 1 of 4 – Rabbi Michael Skobac – Jews for Judaism

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Home Education MYSTICAL MEANING of the HEBREW ALPHABET 1 of 4 – Rabbi Michael Skobac – Jews for Judaism
Published on May 17, 2015
Jews for Judaism posted video:

Unlike other languages, where letters have no meaning and words are simply conventional, Jewish mystics asserted that Hebrew is different. Each letter in the…

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  1. Gary Wahler

    thank you from Niagara Falls

  2. Anna Keto

    Wow, I Am Amazed….My Real Mother is Jewish;But,I Never Knew Her!! I Was
    Adopted-Out;But,I Am From;Brooklyn Jewish-Italian Family….SHALOM.

  3. gemcan54

    Hebrew is so amazing. I must remind my son, Benjamin. 

  4. Nili Haimoff

    “…why did we merit to be redeemed from Egypt? Because we stayed connected
    to our language!”
    This is a wonderful video to increase in the knowledge and Depth of the
    Holy Hebrew Language! Find out more about us by learning more about the
    chemistry of THE LETTERS in us! MOSHIACH NOW!




  6. shahzad saqib

    excellent !!!!! great help to learn Hebrew. god bless you sir

  7. Nate Herman

    Wonderfully and delightfully presented. Thank you, thank you Rabbi Skobac.

  8. Melanie Baquiran

    GLorY TO GOD! Hearing this video gives me goosebumps! How glorious GOd is!
    Genius of all geniuses!

  9. Daehoon Lee

    very good 

  10. avaday555

    Words starting with Pey and Resh that don’t fit the “broken apart” idea…
    Parpar: butterfly
    Parah: Cow
    Pirsum: advertisement
    Pardes: Field
    Parnasa: A living(as in to make a living, financially)


    MYSTICAL MEANING of the HEBREW ALPHABET 1 of 4 – Rabbi Michael Skobak
    Jewish 4 Judaism

  12. Haim Levy

    תודה רבי מיכאל העושר שגילית לפנינו אני חושב שגורם לאיזה שוק של התעוררות.לא
    משנה לדעתי אם אתה חילוני או דתי השעורים האלו מאלפים.

  13. Jesse Larson

    More interesting then any other nexus of philosophy or philosophical field.
    Jewish creation and language. Four part series, importance of letters and
    words. One includes God creating the world with words

  14. The Star of David Music Venue

    Amazing, thank-you for your teachings,

  15. FractalInfinities

    Baruch HaShem, and thank you Rav, for sharing your understanding. You’ve
    expanded my awe! May we examine an interpretation of the word ADM that you
    perhaps didn’t have the time to cover? You thoroughly explained what humans
    are made of, but what is our purpose? Aleph = HaShem Dalet = Doorway Mem =
    Water, or purification. Our tikkun, and t’shuvah must be to what this
    refers, no?

  16. Doris A. Peoples

    I was blown away by this teaching. In all my attempts to learn Hebrew, I’ve
    never had a lesson so in depth, awe inspiring, and truly mystical. It makes
    me hunger for more.

  17. KnuNetzer

    Awesome video, thanks for uploading this. It’s these slightly more modern
    Hebrew letter insights with the defective forms that I have reason to
    believe contain more layers of meaning FROM the Paleo and Pictographic
    Hebrew. In orther words, I believe the older scripts contain many truths
    that need to be realised and lived, but whrn the more modern script came
    along and changed things…maybe it.was an inspired change. Not to change,
    but add more layers.

  18. Michael Piepee

    thank you ! ” I’m trying to learn Hebrew

  19. illhelpMiffy

    incredible.thank you.

  20. usd25674

    Great teaching. Thanks very much.

  21. Ken Raymond

    I guess you’ve heard it before but thanks. I’m learning Hebrew, and you
    help a lot.

  22. RoseMoore58

    WOW Fantastic lecture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. mrtruthforever

    Beautiful lecture. Thanks for posting.

  24. Katherine Hans Von Rotes schild Zitler

    The Biblical Hebrew alphabet was used to create the universe.

  25. 77musica

    The number 7 means WHOLE or COMPLETENESS for Jehovah. Thus 7 days of the
    week, 7 notes in music etc etc

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