Hebrew Alphabet – Introduction (Part 1)

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Published on February 4, 2013
LearnArabicwithMaha posted video:

i am teaching you how to pronounce the Hebrew letters.

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  1. xrtzx

    why Adolf hated them so much? they are so cute.

  2. AJandHerCookie

    In “taba’at”, why is there the ‘ when there actually is an r sound? I’m just curious, because I’m all new to this and it was different in “veret”. It would be great if anybody could explain to me whether there’s a reason for that, or if it’s just that way by chance!

  3. yaronhoff

    Dalet. She was right. Go back to school.

  4. RPenta

    I love Maha; she is very pretty; having said that: Brazilian babes rule so I don’t know what is wrong with you.

  5. Andrew Hanna

    girl in hebrew is “BUTT”
    tha’s cool

  6. Wise Hamster

    she`s so pretty) Maha I love you))

  7. Tuovi Mannström

    would you be so kind to turn upp your speakers. its difficult to hear your voice.

  8. kim00222

    it’s BA-IT not bayet. when you said “it’s just like bait in arabic” you said it how you should say in hebrew also. not bayet.
    and it’s not dalet – it’s DALED.
    (p.s. you have more mistakes – but i’m not going to fix them all.)

    listen, you may have good intention – but it makes people go wrong about Hebrew. completely wrong.

  9. jarpsblog

    I love your videos. Take a look on my channel. I have some learn hebrew videos too. 

  10. Yajjp Gribyu

    respect 🙂
    כל הכבוד!

  11. pjcoconuts

    Allah yabarek feek ya Maha, kol hoby min amereeka lateneya :))

  12. Forex7777

    hi maha how many languages can you speak ?

  13. AmsterdamHeavy

    Youre unable to appreciate what you have in Brazilian women

  14. Yamuna Krishanthi De silva

    best teacher

  15. kingsargon84

    hey im Sargon n im Assyrian from Australia Hebrew n Assyrian have the same alphabet

  16. SWATmansoura

    Hi Maha, I see that you’re showing the cross in this video so that nobody think you’re a Jew or a Muslim .. right ??
    anyway 🙂 such a video provides a good help for Muslims & Jews .. may both get closer & find a way to peace ..

    — & I don’t think so . .

  17. Johanna Müllner

    okey cool :DD (like)

  18. Ashley Mcgoldrick

    Very cool

  19. Yaronn Ḥiyat Libne

    Ṭet (ט) is pronounced as a normal /t/ today.

  20. wownouser

    Another small correction: “tet” in nowadays Hebrew is also different from the Arabic letter and has a lighter sound – maybe like ‘t’ in French.

  21. Daniel aesh

    you should do a channel only for hebrew, i am very interested

  22. AHMD A

    i want to learn sweedish language please

  23. RapperNamedQUICK

    hebrew learning brought me here but as an english lesson to you its not TELEFON its TELEPHONE the PH make a FFFF (i dont know why) and the last syllable of it (PHONE) makes the OWN ( but not as in down) sound with the E added after ON even though ONE is the same as pronounced as 1..but having letters infront of it make ONE sound like OWN such as word like STONE and CLONE…. other than that your english is very good

  24. Yvonne Yakoub

    can you translate my vidio about jesus if you are in cairo we need teasher in cathedrael with father shnoda mahr but free free call me 01140014296

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