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Published on September 19, 2009
bnaiorpueblo posted video:

Hebrew for the beginner … learn Hebrew Jewish Jew

  1. bestfootie

    you should always say G-d. Never spell out the word.

  2. miguelcotto4ever

    Aefo rehov ishaiyou= were is Isahia street?
    sleeha ata mevin ivrit?= excuse me do you understand hebrew?
    i cant write it but i can say it.

  3. tkatschuk

    Is this correct?
    from right-to-left, of course):

    Qof-Daled-Shin  Lamed-Yod Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay

    K-d-sh L’y Y-h-v-h

    “Kadosh L’ Adonai”

    where Kdsh is the root for “holy”, “holiness”, or “sanctification” etc. and
    “YHVH” is the Holy Name of God, which in Jewish tradition is never spoken but
    is pronounced as “Adonai” (“Lord”).

  4. pedroyahyavi100

    if some can some body speak arabic ,can he/she understand hebrew?

  5. bnaiorpueblo

    Thanks, sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I just saw this. Mazal tov on getting it done

  6. jwrome

    yeah, I got done. Thankyou. I am taking hebrew via internet through seminary and their are no videos. Your teaching is awesome. I have told everyone I know!
    Shalom, John

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