Learn HEBREW – Conversational Hebrew Words & Phrases for Beginners w/some Slang

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Published on November 1, 2015
JesusfreakPC posted video:

Conversational HEBREW for beginners with Greetings & Salutations – In this video, you will learn some very useful Hebrew language, wherein you can even learn…

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  1. andressa m

    OMG, your handwrite is so perfect ….is a specific pen? I’m sorry for my
    bad english.

    todá rabá

  2. Aruv Boyluq

    Actually My school started 2 weeks ago but I started a little bit late 🙂
    Most of people can read the words slowly but correctly in my class. But me
    and some other people still cannot read. My university teacher taught the
    basic information (letters) fastly to me. But It was not enough for me. But
    I get it done myself. I’ll keep watching your videos. I hope I am gonna be
    better than my classmates through you! THANKS MY DUDE! GREETINGS FROM

  3. Hristina Christ

    The same with me – I am not a Jew – but I love Jewish people and Israel so
    much, beyond human understanding – and this is why I started learning
    Hebrew – so that I can relate even more to the God’s chosen people. Reading
    a Hebrew Bible is my ultimate goal. Thank you for your videos. They are
    truly helpful and inspiring! And funny! 🙂 Shalom!

  4. Aruv Boyluq

    By the way, which kind of pencil is it? I want to buy one.

  5. JesusfreakPC

    Great to hear, and I wish you good success in learning Hebrew. Practice
    writing and saying, and I’m sure it will get better and better. Cheers.

  6. JesusfreakPC

    Not a pencil. It is a calligraphic pen, which you can get Amazon dot com,
    but any medium calligraphy pen will work. That is if you want to be
    artistic with your Hebrew letters. Otherwise I suppose a pencil would work.
    Good luck with that.

  7. Aruv Boyluq

    I am a Hebrew Language and Literature student in an university of Turkey. I
    was doubting about that I’m reading false. But I’ve been sure after
    watching this video. Thanks for upload! Btw, I am reading correctly now.

  8. st3vi3100

    Thats cool, how did you learn how to say each word

  9. JesusfreakPC

    Thanks very much. Glad to hear it. I have not even begun, nor am I sure
    that I will continue on to learn the cursive Hebrew writing. I just really
    like printing Hebrew and think that the calligraphic pen really helps to
    make it look so good, even if my skill is not so much, lol. I’m not legally
    Jewish, but the Jews are my people (go figure). Thanks much for watching
    and commenting.

  10. יעקב חיים בן אברהם אבינו

    Was simply saying that you don’t write in the script you’re writing in. If
    you’re wanting to read the original language of the Tanakh, then learning
    Modern Ivrit will not help considering it is written in Ancient Hebrew. If
    you want to keep your belief in Yozke, then reading the text in its
    original language isn’t a good idea.

  11. st3vi3100

    i found your page from survival or edc bags, just be nosy realli saw this
    … impressed

  12. JesusfreakPC

    I’m sorry, is there some reason you feel the need to tell me the difference
    between printing and writing cursive? I surely know the difference, and I
    am learning this with the hopes of maybe one day being able to read the
    original language in the Bible. And the Holy Scriptures were not written in
    cursive, now were they? If I feel like also trying to learn cursive one
    day, so be it, and I will.

  13. JesusfreakPC

    Ah, the vowel points pretty much tell you how it should sound, but for
    anything you might have doubts about, there are plenty of resources out
    there. Just type in Hebrew in the search and lots of vids where you can
    generally find what you need somewhere. Hope my vids are in your pool of
    resources, but lots of more professionally done videos out there done by
    people who actually grew up with the language, thus the title, Teaching
    Myself Hebrew…:) Thanks for checking it out. Appreciate it.

  14. יעקב חיים בן אברהם אבינו

    When writing Ivrit, you don’t use the script you’re using. That script is
    for printed texts, whereas when writing you use the cursive script. You
    don’t find anyone who writes in the block script.

  15. JesusfreakPC

    Todah rahba, and Shalom in Jesus’ name..

  16. Hristina Christ

    Shalom JesusFreakPC – You had inspired me to start writing the printing
    Hebrew letters so that I can easily recognize them when I see them – I will
    not start learning cursive until I learn fluently the printing letter –
    otherwise, I will confuse myself and get discouraged. Thank you and keep
    doing your videos! Shalom! I was wondering if you are a Jew? 🙂

  17. JesusfreakPC

    Ah, I see. Very kuel. Thanks very much.

  18. Serrgio45acp

    Very impressive my friend!! You sure know your stuff. I think it would take
    me for ever to learn a new language.

  19. JesusfreakPC

    Good for you. I’m sure if you are taking Hebrew Language and Literature at
    a university that they are able to teach you correctly. I, on the
    otherhand, and only a person trying to teach himself, and might make
    mistakes, and have made mistakes. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers.

  20. JesusfreakPC

    Hey, thanks very much, brother. Sad to say I can actually write Hebrew
    fine, but I couldn’t converse with it much at all. Big difference between
    being able to write it and read it, or actually talking back and forth with
    people. Oh, but not actually having anyone to speak Hebrew with is a big
    hold back too. One day, who knows? But thanks much for checking it out.
    Appreciate it greatly.

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