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Published on September 17, 2015
The WORD in HEBREW posted video:

Learn to pray The Lord’s Prayer in its original Hebrew language! Word-by-word pronunciation in Hebrew. Visit: http://TheWORDinHEBREW.com to purchase this pos…

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  1. The WORD in HEBREW

    Yeshua spoke both Hebrew and Aramaic. Prayers were in Hebrew. Although the
    New Testament text was written in Greek, it was “translated” by the Jewish
    writers with a Hebrew mind set…

  2. The WORD in HEBREW

    Shalom Oscarito, Thank you for your comment (-: There is no Bible that I
    know of with transliteration exactly like mine. There are a couple of
    online options like: and a software
    you can buy: .
    Just do a web search for “transliterated Hebrew Bible”. I hope this
    helps… Blessings, Ayelet BTW, “Ah-yah-la” (Ayala) is another common
    Israeli name… and yes it is a variation of “Ayelet” and means “Doe”,
    while “Ayelet” means the “Doe of the Dawn” (Psalm 22:1)

  3. Virna Fonseca

    I love it. I like it so much.

  4. The "G"

    Nehemiah Gordon wrote a book, Hebrew Yeshua or Greek Jesus, which included
    Hebrew Mathew texts, there is a better Judaic version of the ‘Lord’s
    Prayer’ within them. There is also a lecture based on the book on youtube
    where you can find Nehemia’s recitation of the Lord’s Prayer from the
    Shem-tov Matthew.

  5. Regina Saucier

    Thank you so much for posting this. You have blessed me very much!

  6. The WORD in HEBREW

    No Hannah, it’s not me…

  7. B Agle

    Your voice is pure Hebrew not like my NY Hebrew. Oh I wish I could sing
    like the Jewish voice does when it speaks aloud anything from His Hebrew
    Word. Thank you.

  8. Fingar Kvamme

    What text font is that? Very nice

  9. Maria Durovka

    Thank you very much from Serbia

  10. Frida Mercedes

    Learn to pray The Lord’s Prayer in its original Hebrew language!
    Word-by-word pronunciation in Hebrew. Visit: to
    purchase this poster and many other inspiring Hebrew gifts. Learn Hebrew,
    spread The Word!

  11. Greyswyndir

    Thank you Ayelet, awesome job showing us the way.

  12. Irene Jacob

    Bless you dear sister for this video, thankyou.

  13. Andreas Adi

    “Apostle Creed” and “Hail Mary”,please.thank you

  14. N.K. D

    Tuesday, 14 October 2014: I cannot write Hebrew letters in my computer, so
    I am going to write in Hebrew but with English letters and I hope you
    understand me. Shalom, Akhar zora him toveem. Right now as I am writing
    you, I am listening to Eyal Golan. Do you know him? Have you ever met or
    seen Eyal in concert? Do you still live in Israel. You are so blessed to
    have lived in God’s country. The Holy Spirit of God has touched my heart to
    start learning Hebrew again, so I am trying to remember all I knew, but it
    is hard when I do not have any Israeli people around me and my is Latin, so
    her language is Spanish. Toda La El. Ad ha palm ba ah. 

  15. Rick Da Slick

    thank you for sharing! God Bless!

  16. marco martínez

    Thanks Almigthy God for you Ayelet. Bless you and SHALOM!

  17. Roxana Borgen-osorio

    This is WONDERFULL!!! I looking for the veryveryvery original prayer to
    really understand the very truly meaning of the First Prayer Our Lord gave
    us. Bless you and SHALOM!

  18. B Agle

    Her voice is wonderful. Everyone should be so blessed with the ability to
    say the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew… even if we cannot all sound like her.

  19. lovelee black

    It’s a model prayer not something to repeat everyday but the things we
    should pray towards in our daily life.

  20. Rakiya Okoro

    thank you sister

  21. Sam Wasser

    This is great! Now I will be able to get a head start on studying my Torah
    portion for my Bar Mitzvah next year.

  22. John Hooyer

    I will probably end up finding this out somewhere else, since the world is
    full of free information, but my main thought while listening to this was
    that, while it is very useful, I was also especially interested in
    understanding the grammar in Hebrew and why the words conjugate the way
    they do. It flows differently, and it’s fascinating to know why because I
    think that adds a lot of character to the way things are said. Also, I
    look forward to understanding some of the unique semantics to the language
    that don’t necessarily translate into English so as to better get a feel
    for the poetic rhythm and the character of the language itself. What I
    mean by this is, in English we have words like “bulbous,” “stupid,” and
    “discombobulated,” which even without their meanings have a very different
    feel than “vivacious,” “clever,” and “exact.” In the English language
    words sometimes radiate their own sort of energy, and I suspect that this
    is true in many other languages. I can sort of detect it in the other
    language I’m partially familiar with, German, and I wondered if there’s
    something similar in Hebrew.

  23. Theodore Sacramone

    thank u thank u !!!

  24. N.K. D

    Monday night,13 October 2014: Shalom, Ayelet.. Ani Nathaniel, naim meod.
    I am African American man, a Christian living in America. I love Israel
    and the Jewish people because Israel is God’s Holy Land and the Old
    Testament in the Holy Bible is all Jewish and Israel. I respect the Jewish
    Holy days. Many years ago in the mid 80’s I went to a local synagogue off
    and on for nearly a year. I also went in the late 90’s I learned the basic
    of speaking Hebrew, reading Hebrew (with the vowels) and writing Hebrew
    (with the vowels) by talking and learning from people of Israel.

    My favorite worship song in Hebrew is Lecha Dodi and now my favorite
    Israeli singer is Eyal Golan. I love his songs: Elohai-Elohim, Toda La El,
    Me’usheret, Yafa Sheli, Ani Meka vesh and many others I want to thank you
    for writing the Lord’s prayer in Hebrew. My dream and goal is to visit
    Israel before God tells me my time is up. My wife is Latina / Hispanic
    from Latin Central America and she wants to visit Israel also. But I want
    to learn more Hebrew first. I hope that you will read this and write to me.
    Toda raba. Laila Tov/

  25. Kimberly Miller

    Todah Rabah!! Very excited to pray the Lord’s prayer in it’s original
    text. Really appreciate you teaching me how to do so. Many blessings to
    you and your family!!!

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