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Published on February 21, 2015
vortexxman posted video:

Practicing Hebrew.

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  1. Benigi

    You want tips so: 1. Say Bevakasha without the “H” 2. When you say Ei fo
    hamizvadot – say amizvadot. without the “H”. 3. Don’t say: Shrotei. Say:
    Shirutei. 4. Dont’s say: Shmol, Say: Smol like: “Small” in English. 5. In
    Bayit word try to say: Ba-eat (like eat in English)

  2. prielm

    So how about recording yourself and sending it to someone? you putting it
    online makes it confusing for people who have simply looked for Hebrew

  3. xwii007x

    It’s very good, and you did all the vowels right. Yay! (I hear a lot of
    people mess them up)

  4. keedizzle

    it looks like you spellt sfina with a mim sofit instead of a samekh…

  5. Mara Fidelis

    Pronuncia do inferno

  6. vortexxman

    Thank you for your comment. I will keep practicing all my languages and
    improve my pronunciation.

  7. vortexxman

    Okay. Thank you.

  8. Yulian R

    1:11 kinda racist??? 😛

  9. vortexxman

    I am learning. I never said I can speak it. I am just practicing.

  10. vortexxman

    I’m not teaching. I am practicing. The video description says practicing
    Hebrew. I put these videos up so I can learn better and get tips on how to
    pronounce better.

  11. TheLirlir

    u saying it wrong its not bebakhasha its bebakasha k not kh and also in the
    boker tov in many words..

  12. Alycia Grossman

    this is so wrong its retarted!!

  13. mesmerizm

    Nice attempt, but I have to agree with some other posters. In modern
    Israeli Hebrew, a “hey” at the beginning of a word is unpronounced; also,
    you seem to consistently misprounce the “k” sound in “boker tov” and
    “bevakasha”. The sound is a “k” as in kite, not the guttural sound found in

  14. barby1117

    why did you make this video if you dont speak heberw. almost all you said
    was wrong

  15. MrViTopol


  16. prielm

    very very very bad pronunciation! please don’t teach pronunciation if you
    don’t speak it appropriately.

  17. mytruepeople

    Man if you don’t know Hebrew don’t try to learn from the internet, you have
    mistakes in all of the words.

  18. Elizabeth Mendez

    Boker Tov and Slicha is Excuse Me not Sorry.

  19. TeachESL

    The ‘kuf’ is not pronounced gutterally…

  20. jmweber1981

    Not bad man!

  21. xwii007x

    His pronunciation is very bad, no offence Mark. the ה is just an h sound
    not the hard kh sound. ק is just a k sound. But other then that good job,
    especially with your R’s they were excellent.

  22. Bagus Rekan

    Guys, learning to speak hebrew does not need to be hard (I used to think it
    did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a method known as
    Practicorex Hebrew (search on google). Seriously, thanks to Practicorex
    Hebrew I have learn how to speak practical Hebrew in quick and easy way. I
    probably should not even be mentioning it because I don’t want a bunch of
    other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am in a great
    mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  23. naamatt2

    1. Speak Hebrew with your native accent. That would me much easier and much
    more understandable. 🙂 2. A ק is pronounce like K. In a lot of work you’ve
    pronounced it KH. 3. When there’s the letter H, than doesn’t always mean
    it’s pronounced KH, as in “Efo Ha’Bank?”. 4. You pronounce KH way too hard.
    Try to say it like H. 5. The ? in Hebrew is written the same as in English.
    6. you wrote כו instead of כן in the beginning. 7. Sherutey, not Shrutey.
    “Left” is “Smol” (as in Small). Your Hebrew = 🙂

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