Psalm 29 – Mizmor L’David – Shlomo Carlebach, arranged by Joshua Jacobson, sung by choir

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Published on October 5, 2012

Listen to at least to one minute, the song really picks up and your toes will be tapping!

Hebrew of Psalm 29 – Transliterated with English:

1 Mizmor L’David: A Song of David

Havu LAdonai Bnei Eilim – Ascribe to the Lord, O sons of the mighty

Havu LAdonai LAdonai Kavod Va-Oz. Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.

2 Havu LAdonai K’vod Sh’mo – Ascribe to the Lord, the glory due his name

Histachavu LAdonai B’hadrat-Qodesh. – Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness.

3 Qol Adonai Al-HaMayim- The voice [thunder] of the LORD is on the waters

El Ha-Kavod Hirim Adonai Al-Mayim Rabim. The God of glory thunders, [even] The Lord upon many waters.

4. Qol-Adonai Ba-Koach – The voice [thunder] of the Lord is powerful

Qol Adonai BeHadar. The voice [thunder] the Lord is [fully of] majesty.Do

5. Qol Adonai Shover Arazim – The voice [thunder] of the Lord breaks the cedars

Vay-shaber Adonai et-Ar’zei Ha-L’vanon. The Lord breaks [into pieces] the cedars of Lebanon

6. Vayar-qidem K’mo-Egel – He makes them skip-about like a calf

V’Siryon K’mo Ven-R’emim. Lebanon and Sirion like a young-wild-ox (some translate as a unicorn).

7. Qol-Adonai Chotzev La-Havot Esh. The voice [thunder] of the Lord stirs [pokes] flames of fire.

8. Qol Adonai Yachil Midbar – The voice [thunder] of the Lord shakes the wilderness [desert]

Yachil Adonai Midbar Kadesh. the Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.

9. Qol Adonai Y’cholel Ayalot- The voice [thunder] of the Lord makes the hinds [foe of deer] to give birth [to calve]

V’Yechesef Y’arot- and brings-to-premature-birth the-forests [strips the forest bare, discovers the forests]

Uvhecholo Kulo Omer Kavod. and-in-His-temple all say “Glory”.

10. Adonai LaMabul Yashav – The Lord sat enthroned on the flood

VaYeshev Adonai Melech L’Olam. The Lord sits as king for ever.

11. Adonai Oz L’Amo Yiten – The Lord will give strength to His people

Adonai Y’Varech et-Amo VaShalom. – The Lord will bless His people with peace.

Here’s the original by Shlomo Carlebach:

Here’s entirely different, but also catchy, tune to the same words:

Here’s another variation of the Carlebach version, with words on the video:

Do you still want more? Try this Mizrachi (Eastern) version:

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