Learn Hebrew – Human Body Vocabulary (English version)

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Published on October 4, 2008
jrichman2003 posted video:

26 Hebrew human body words with Hebrew audio and English translations and transliterations

  1. royroy95

    great video to learn Hebrew! thanks.

  2. devinedelilah

    great job !

  3. lilyinsingapore

    thank you!!!It’s very helpful!

  4. lilo97423

    Thank you for this video. I think it is great! – Lilo

  5. dawntreader3

    It would be totally awesome to have a complete Hebrew lesson series which would take one from novice to fluent, that taught exactly like this video teaches.

  6. jrichman2003

    Use the rectangle button (second from the right) to reduce the image size and bring it into focus.
    The image was made for 320 x 240 and Youtube is 425×350

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