Learn Hebrew III

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Published on October 28, 2008
yoav28 posted video:

the third episode of the Learn Hebrew series
Actors: Yoav and Ishai + Random people
Camera: Din
Music: Happy Feet

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  1. MEYTAL15

    חחח אתם גדולים D:

  2. videostata

    I loved it!! my favorite leson!! jajaja…

  3. KlaasAlexander

    Love the Dutch flag there 😉

    יש לי בחדר דגל ישראלי

  4. myyyel

    awesome! ;D

  5. yoav28

    you’re right, it was supposed to be more amusing than teaching, but we’ll take your advice

  6. ealts

    Good instructional style, but using 4 minutes to teach 5 words is a problem.

  7. pharja4

    hahaha! Trying to learn Hebrew. It’s good to laugh and learn :o)

  8. yididnefesh

    מדהים, ממש נהנתי מהסרט, אבל, היה יכול להיות יותר עברית.

  9. israelpro5

    LMFAO חחחחחח

  10. lotrgirl27

    lol I love this video, you may have taken something hehe, but it’s really amusing :))

  11. r0ck5tarrM

    haha, awesome video. Make more!


    JAAAA deze is goed! Shittttt, k dacht dat ik leip was…hahahhahahahahahaa, nogmaals succes, enne bedankt voor jullie prachtige lessen :S hahahhahahaha

  13. yoav28

    at betuha? shneinu dovrei anglit

  14. taln10

    Rak haval shehaanglit shelachem lo masheho! aval atem hamudim!

  15. mimaamakim11

    haha i watched kazablan yesterday
    love it:)

  16. rachelbuttons

    haha, i like this video the best.

    im learning hebre right now

    haha and im not even jewish

    its funnn

  17. yoav28

    eh yea, we are awesome lovers 😛

  18. girlie1313

    Oh my god! Israelis guys r so hot. I just ended a relationship with an israeli guuuy he’s awesome *tears*

  19. MiaVOGUE

    where in Israel is this?

  20. MiaVOGUE

    haha you guys are so funny ..

  21. shaiforlife

    boy in the camaflauge blue shirt…you are SO HOT!

  22. ynon1

    u guys r so good love או בקיצור אתם אחלה btw the hebrew language on earth

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