News Report on Ulpan Closures in Israel

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Published on July 17, 2015
Yossi Synett posted video:

News report from Israeli channel HOT 3 (January 21, 2008) on the planned closures of ulpanim (Hebrew language schools) in Israel. Includes interview with Yos…

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  1. Neil Baker

    the Israeli government encourage Jews from all over the world to make
    aliyah, playing to their ideology of Jews returning to their spiritual
    homeland, when the fact is like any society, they need workers who will do
    the menial jobs like cleaning, picking vegetables on the kibbutzim etc. Who
    needs fluent Hebrew for that? Anyone making Aliyah should be very careful 

  2. PeterYos

    Israeli goverment wants olim chadashim who doesn’t know Hebrew. That’s how
    they can give them the worst jobs where Hebrew is not required, while the
    sabras can work whatever they want. This is the whole plan!

  3. Bill Moshe

    I’m in love with the Hebrew langague !!! Zephaniah 3:9 “Then I will purify
    the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the Lord
    and serve him shoulder to shoulder.

  4. Daz7111

    @ThePerniciousTruth generally not if you want to sound like the majority of
    the population. However the resh (ר) sound isnt as harsh or as gutaral as
    the french r.

  5. ivandimov100

    The RUSSIAN girls are the most BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

  6. livininjtown

    You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  7. trsk2000

    @PeterYos exactly, I dont know what motivates these new immigrants, maybe
    they come to Israel for ideological reasons

  8. haereticusx1

    Ack! Save our Ulpanim!

  9. PeterYos

    million people from more than 50 countries have moved to Israel. Don’t
    watch too much movies about Israel, they can only give the wrong picture..
    as they obviously did

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