Hebrew Lesson 4- The Family

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Published on August 11, 2014
LearnArabicwithMaha posted video:

See how similar they are to the Arabic ones? 🙂 Enjoy. If you have any questions or doubts please leave it in a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer as…

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  1. ManarMSD

    Thank you maha !!! Mashallah nice personality And a pretty face

  2. ghada styles

    thank you so muuch!!:)

  3. anissueof ursincerity

    Dod and Dvd so identical?

  4. Brad Diaz

    I can’t hear you. too much echo

  5. Khalid Ibn Walid

    are you jewish?

  6. asaf921

    I will explain to you what language Jesus spoke Hebrew language is
    considered in Judaism as sacred language (language of the Torah) Language
    used in holidays and Shabbat Torah read, and the language every day is a
    regional language (at the time most common language among the Semitic
    nations (Central and North) was Aramaic (written in Hebrew letters) So
    Jesus spoke Aramaic on dayli and spoke Hebrew @Sabbath and holidays,
    language of the Torah is Hebrew. p.s maha you are very beautiful person 🙂

  7. yaz raf

    اذا رحت لعمتي وقلت لها دودا لظنت اني قلت لها حشرة وسيكون يومي اسود عندها

  8. snameitneimad

    There are different ways to spell hebrew words in roman script. German
    script is usually used in Israel, so the sound “kh” is written “ch”.
    Nevertheless “achi or akhi” means my brother and “achoti or “akhoti” means
    my sister. Same thing for “ema” and “ima” the first is english spelling and
    the second is german spelling

  9. مطلق الشمري

    انها مسيحية

  10. AZstarwatcher

    Interesting, grandson and granddaughter in Spanish is nieto and nieta.

  11. Hristina Christ

    You are very beautiful and very talented teacher – I like that you present
    the words in Hebrew letters (not every teacher do that), so that we can
    practice reading while learning to speak. I visited Israel for first time
    in November, last year, and I fell in love with Israel! It is the Holly
    Land, from which my Savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and all the prophets come.
    I love your teaching! God bless you! Toda! Shalom!!!

  12. Luc Lue

    Thank you very much, I’m learning a lot from you, I appreciate you taking
    the time to teach us, may our Lord bless you.

  13. themrmrissa

    يارباه هبلتو بالحرمه وجع وش دخلكم يامهووسي الدين اذا مسيحيه ولا يهوديه وش
    دخلكم وجع ماعندكم حياه يالشحاتين! ياليت تحذفين هالنوعيه من الردود يامها من
    جد حومة كبد تخرب فيديواتك

  14. 〉〉 Ronnie Mathew〈〈

    u seem sad…

  15. Ibrahim Yahya

    الاخت مهـا من فلسطين .. أكيد مسلمة

  16. حسام الصخري

    ماشاء الله كيف تعلمتي هاللغات ؟!ـ وكم لغة عندك اذا سمحتي

  17. GamerRenz

    You’ve probably been asked this before but are you Jewish? Just asking.
    Your Hebrew is beautiful by the way. 🙂

  18. gammaaries

    After the Armenian genocide and current killing of the Kurds, you probably
    should shut your proud Turkish mouth. Lousy hypocrite.

  19. Thagna thekas

    you’re just jealous mate 😉 koufar, tfou 3lik

  20. Badr Jaouad

    where are you from Maha ? do you visit Morocco from time to time ? … i’d
    like really to meet you ! yes, you stealth my eyes 🙂 … أنت جميلة

  21. sngoory

    ماشاء الله عليها ذي البنت متعلمه عده لغات وتحاول توصل المعلومات عن طريق
    اليوتيوب والخيط تم بنجاح وشكرا

  22. ytatyo

    go on! never mind what other pple are saying, and see ur likes more then
    dislikes! and btw (for some pple) learning other languages is culture not a

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