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Published on October 26, 2008
Styve36 posted video:

This is a video I made for my (now ex) girlfriend when she wanted to learn Hebrew. I set it to Debbie Friedman’s Aleph-Bet song. I touched it up so it looks nicer, because when I originally made it, I was working on it until 4 am, so I cut corners toward the end. Here is the “director’s cut” if you will

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  1. r8y8doooo

    do u in a hurry , MaM?!


    gracias desde Valencia, Sefarad.

  3. thumba12

    thank you – the flash cards weren’t working for me – your video makes it fun!

  4. abdiashirta

    I’d never before found an aleph-bet song that I liked for teaching English-dominant learners of Hebrew.

    This one is perfect! Thank you.

  5. renanna77

    i love the hebrew alef

  6. shineandsparkle

    I’m so excited to be learning Hebrew and this song is really helping me learn the alphabet. When I compared it to the flash cards our teacher made for us, I found some differences, so I sent her the video. She wants me to sing the song for my class so that they can learn from it as well. My book spells the names different most of the time, but I love the way that you put this video together. Thanks for posting!

  7. bean36011

    this is very cool i show everyone who come’s over just about.

  8. Patternpop

    Ketivah vachatimah tovah

  9. Isaiah6twothrueight

    i know! i know!!lol…very cool vid!

  10. pillar26

    Thank you so much for making this video. It’s incredibly helpful.

  11. pillar26

    Sorry for giving you a thumbs down. I hit the wrong button. 🙁

  12. mrsbriandear

    I am an adult woman leaning Hebrew and homeschooling my kids. I love the song and what a great resource for my kids! Many thanks. Learning this language has given so much more depth to my bible studies. G-d bless you.

  13. Langfelder

    🙂 i wish i had a boyfriend who cared for me this much. this was very nice of you.
    and of course very practical : D

  14. limescout

    it gets really hard in hebrew with the road sign translations, cause each sign spells something different!

  15. SapSapy

    i was looking for an Alef-Bet video for a friend whos trying to learn it…

    i’ve saved it for him even though the video is “digging”

    so u can just say im a good friend (: thanx

  16. anominousmale

    yet u made it one of your “favorite videos” in your profile…

  17. SapSapy

    ohh im soo happy!!!
    my husband fu*ked me!! yayyy
    lets sing!!!
    alef bet bet yayyyyy againnn again!!!
    its so funnn

    i want to slap her -.-“

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