Yehuda Green Moishele’s Niggun (Kadish) At the Carelbach Shul First night of Selichos Good Quality

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Home Music Yehuda Green Moishele’s Niggun (Kadish) At the Carelbach Shul First night of Selichos Good Quality
Published on January 31, 2013
Motty Engel posted video:

What a Kumzits!! Guitars: Aaron Zutler, Avidan Moscovits, and Eli Levin. Video By Motty Engel.

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  1. tarlaks

    Man…young John McCain sure is worried about that door…

  2. worldtalk2me

    Thank you for sharing love and happiness! that’s all we need 🙂

  3. Eduardo Gormedino

    Capo in II. Em, D

  4. FFSray

    I think we won’t find out until somebody closes the damn door.

  5. Ruben Cohen P

    What are the chords to play this? Thank you so much for the upload, this is great!

  6. xxxdementia

    Someone PLEASE shut the door.

  7. 2012TicketFisherPaul

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    The two most important links that Obama,Bush,

    Clinton,Israel and Romney do not want you to know about!!!!

    Tell the entire world please!!!!!

  8. parabola613

    Sure looks like T’shuvah M’Ahavah to me!

  9. Judi Bea

    Kumzits–how beautiful. I met Shlomo Carlebach in Yerushalem when I was a teenager. Though I was not of the faith he extended warmth and told me a story of the “stranger” welcome among them. I will never forget! I have searched his music and songs and have found out he has passed away—he is embraced among the righteous. Bless you all! Keep gathering in praise of G_d.

  10. MrPieta777


  11. ammateur



    I didnt mean the slow nigun, I know thats “My name is Moshele – – le ko-ovod Shabbos” from the story.

    But whats the fast song they sing for the second half? thats not part of the “Moshele Lekovod Shabbos” story the way R Shlomo tells it on the ones i’ve listened to?

  12. webchamp930

    Moishele’s Niggun

  13. ammateur

    anyone know what the amazing tune is? Sounds like one of Reb Shlomo’s but i’m having trouble placing it.

    love to all

  14. sam147able

    I can feel it! its amazing!

  15. Sacha Dratwa

    Incredible !

  16. beanwave

    @mosha11: Hahahaha. Whats this guy’s problem. Certainly a cranky shul atendee. Is he talking about the Aron Kodesh?

  17. Ezra Bollag

    Yehuda you are doing a good job by trying to transmit R’Shloimeles message but you will never be able to replace him !!

  18. Max Edwards

    shut the door!

  19. arikw

    How can I get in contact with Reb Yehuda Green.
    We would love to bring him Bezrat Hashem 1 shabbes in Antwerp.

  20. Harry Salter

    He who responds “Amen Yehai shmei rabbah” with immense kavvanah will have all evil decrees against him nullified. (Gemora shabbos)

  21. JamesEarl Mackey

    Just by this post you are there and when you share this you are there as well as those whom you share. Abweiss May your spirits be high
    The best to you and to those that you know. From Earl

  22. Abraham Weiss

    I was there years ago when Reb Sholomo was still alive and it was so tuching, I wish i can be there again

  23. poshityid

    wanna be shalomo carlbach

  24. yanky schwartz

    i was there. what a spiritual moment’s

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