Shlomo Katz: Niggun Neshama

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Published on January 30, 2013
Lazer Brody posted video:

“Niggun Neshama” (Melody of the soul) is also affectionately known as “Shlomo’s Niggun.” We’re delighted to share it with you…

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  1. Meir Kniazhev

    i love music of shlomo katz too those songs are really beautifully and nice

  2. yesyes79

    hi, we made Aliya 3 months ago, i would love to show my son a carlebachy shabbat, would you know where we could go for this? many thanks, p.s love your music..

  3. odedshevach

    יפה מאוד

  4. Alex Krauth

    Great! I was singing and clapping along!

  5. Charles Feinstein

    Soul elevation!

  6. raya bm

    am to to dom ai do do dommmm

  7. Jeremy Krashin

    Great stuff! Where’s the dancing??

  8. benharyo


  9. mitzvah296

    Fantastic. Thank you. All that clapping is surely ripping up bundles of decrees. Keep up the good work!

  10. joshimunoff

    Yes, it was composed by him

  11. thezman613

    he did.  the first recording is somewhere on youtube. sounds great

  12. harimchen

    oj wej that´s so moving, i´ve really cried. It´s almost an extasis. Rab Lazer Brody was always one of my favourites. Schalom

  13. omfs1994

    So moving. Thanks Rabbi Brody for sharing

  14. interseed

    Shalom, shalom

  15. malzbierchef

    thanks for sharing 5/5

  16. BrooklynNotQueens

    שלא עשני חסיד
    שלא עשני חסיד

  17. Gruntig2008

    i thought nigun neshomo was composed by Shlomo Carlebach??!!

  18. Kittenkattan

    I first saw Rabbi Katz in Rabbi Avi Weiss’ shul ( Hebrew Institute of Riverdale). He chazzan the Musaf on a Shabbas morning one day. I was so stunned! It was like I had seen HaShem in an instant. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

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