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Published on October 7, 2008
hillel70 posted video:

Look, listen, and learn Hebrew Messianic liturgy. This is an excellent resource for Jews and Gentiles interested in worshipping the G-d of Israel.

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  1. hillel70

    Please remember that this is an international forum. Jews and Gentiles alike come to this forum to read these postings. Please demonstrate some dignity and self-respect, first to yourselves, then to others as you would have them treat you. You may all present your opinion in an appropriate manner. Hostile postings will be removed.

  2. pickels62

    Exactly you would be rejected because you worship a dead Human. There is only one G_d and he is not like us, he is the ONEpraying to G-d and a dead guy and a spirit is kinda idolatry. Get a grip stop whining!

  3. pickels62

    A little shocked to find at the end references to Jesus a dead guy! Judaism is NOT Christianity and Messianics are just that, Christians all be it very confused Christians and they need to get a grip, and stop miss interpreting my book!

  4. hiskashrus

    You people are scumbags. Misleading and deceiving Jews that don’t know any better to think this is anything other than idol worship. Why don’t you go back to praying to that filth and leave the Jews alone.

  5. Tekhelet75

    Messianic Judaism and Christianity are not the same in many ways. Yes we believe in One G-d, through His annointed One, the Messiah Yeshua. Most of Christian church history has more or less severed it’s roots which are Jewish, and pandered off to create their own traditions. That being said, what matters is if one trusts and obeys in the Holy One of Israel, as it says in the Br’it Chadashah…in Matthew, by their fruit you shall know them.

  6. hillel70

    Never gone to a chabad because I would be rejected for my faith in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua.

  7. Hillel82

    Morehn is correct though…Xtians have taken Isaiah 53 and many other sources out of context because they use translations and not the original hebrew. Hillel70 if you are a Jew…please go find a Chabad house and talk with a rabbi there…do teshuvah ( repentance ) and return to your roots

  8. Hillel82

    No its not…its plain and simply a deception. Judaism is Judaism and Xtianity is Xtianity, dont mix the two. Trying to deceive uneducated jews into believing in a false messiah is wrong and evil. Shame on you Xtians really…Shame on you all

  9. christinepro

    Hmmm!! Maybe it is to show gentiles the Hebraic roots?

  10. wes5teacher

    For anyone interested in learning, instead of making assumptions, please read the book by D. Thomas Lancaster called Restoration: Returning the Torah of G-d to the Disciples of Jesus.

  11. NavDDG54

    Messianic Judaism is another covert method by the Christians to convert Jews

  12. yvetta777

    I like the video,I understand the jesus differs very much from the real Yeshua, christians have a very twisted idea of who jesus was…not much to do with the Jewish Prophet Yeshua…considering that they not even bother to investigate the roots of their so romanized savior…,thank you for the video I like it very much

  13. phlegmuffin

    Why “Messianic Judaism” and not simply Christianity? Other than practice, the only difference between Christianity And Judaism is the story of Jesus, or Yeshua, and Messianic Jews agree with Christians in this respect. But I guess doctrine doesn’t quite matter. That is, you can still be considered Jewish if your mother is Jewish regardless if you believe in Jesus/Mohammed/Cthulu, etc. I myself am an atheist, but people still consider me a Jew because of my ancestry. Go figure.

  14. phlegmuffin

    Strange, I appear to have learned this song with entirely different tropes…

  15. LawrenceofIsrael

    very good i like it very much. The sad thing is its not that easy to love g-d the almighty as he commands being distracted by the wordly things. Its a struggle all messianic believers have to win. shalom aleichem

  16. hillel70

    The only difference is that we profess Yeshua to be Israel’s Messiah, a descendent of the royal household of King David with the inherit right to rule Israel as King. First, he came as the suffering Messiah, Mashiach Ben Yosef. He will return to reign, what we identify him as Mashiach Ben David. Though he is seated al-yod Hashem, he will exercise sovereignty over all the nations of the earth! Hence, “Yesh la’asot teshuvah, malchut shebashamayim ze al-yod!” Repent, the kingdom of Yah is at hand.

  17. ephrayimlevi

    this isnt messianich, this is the same in real judaism…..

  18. hillel70

    Thanks for your comment, rough as it may be.

  19. morehn

    actually, maimonides does include drawn images within images, though to a lesser degree. either way, jesus is still a load of crap. there is no basis for belief in him. isaiah 53 is out of context as well as every other source.

  20. leserenity

    We continue to play this video, three and four times each day (our morning, mid-day and evening prayers!) and are so blessed by it. Our own 2000 photos over 3 weeks hold similar images as those you have presented. The video IS sensitive and we Halleluyah for that. Our prayers are your that you will “go up” and know the land!

  21. hillel70

    I understand, now. The idea was to express the “Jewish” nature of Scriptures, prayers, etc; not the “Roman” way of doing things. Upon doing a projects such as this, a gamble has to be taken. Truthfully, everyone not see, understand, or agree 100% with the concept; they focus on other details. It teaches me to be more sensitive about the matter.

  22. leserenity

    We don’t know what he looked like, there is no description/no one saw him step out of the tomb, but we are fed images of it happening. Yah did not to give us the date of his birth, we are not given his image.

  23. leserenity

    salman said “and maybe one without the pictures of Yeshua, think of the second commandment please.” [no graven images/idols before him is what he must mean, in context]
    The three images of Yeshua – being baptised, on trial, and stepping out of the tomb in the white robes. There are no physical desriptions of him in the Brit Chadashah.

  24. hillel70

    I’m sorry. What images are you talking about?

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