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Published on February 3, 2013
Doda Mollie posted video:

Children’s entertainer and educator Doda Mollie sings “BIM BAM !” Join us at iTunes too! or on line at http://www.dodamol…

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  1. nechy19777

    I love this song… Shabbat Shalom!!

  2. Doda Mollie

    I’m so glad that you found the original Chassidiche song. Thank you for sharing it with me. I enjoy a good shetele danz!

  3. TomiF100

    I found the Bim Bam song that ny friend Sarah used to sing to me;
    just type in Reb Motenyu; she sang it slow and sweet.

  4. Doda Mollie

    So glad!  I hope you enjoy my other silly songs too!

  5. lemonstoaid

    i likce it

  6. Anna Tarnawska

    great vide

  7. Doda Mollie

    There are soooo many ways to Bim and Bam, too many to record. What a lovely story to share and beautiful memories of your kindness. Thank you!

  8. TomiF100

    I remember an older Jewish lady i used to run errands for- named Sarah in my neighborhood in Boston who taught me a Bim Bam song that went BimBam biribiribam-bam BimBamBim Bam biribiribam, and was about a rabbi who started and ended the day praising God. Sarah was a prisoner at A.-B. but didnt ever talk about it. She treated me like a grandson; made great cookies&tea. Loved her.

  9. DanielleForer

    Do anoter video Dodah Mollie!!!!
    from Shalom

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