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Published on October 11, 2008
eliyahuhatishbi posted video:

Learn Hebrew Language through Jewish Music Video of Sarit Hadad.

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  1. nooralkhateeb

    all religions say that they are honest so who is the evil, if you want to know I will tell you:
    Hakham, Priest and Sheikh all of them are teaching us how to hate other religions I like Christian I like Muslims and I like Jewish but the problem with the people who lives just to hate.
    we are brothers we are a human be so why they apart us with their stupid thought.

  2. skatiabrains

    Breathtaking! Beautiful!
    I had tears in my eyes….

  3. MARTELL100


  4. varghesepaulk

    I think: el halo hoda = through the heart he knows & hu lo rotze lalechet = (he) doesn’t want to go on (to the unknown)

  5. varghesepaulk

    I think: el halo hoda = through the heart he knows & hu lo rotze lalechet = (he) doesn’t want to go on (to the unknown)

  6. rureyeswideopen2

    So Powerful! Breathtaking! Beautiful! Praise God! Thank you bibleorquran for sharing! You truly blessed me! 5***** Fav’d!

  7. jefeisdguard

    This is so beautiful…like the special effects! It draws one near…can almost feel the ‘magicical wonderment’ of God. You have this euphoria of feelings of not wanting to be left out of this moment, you want to be caught up with it, one NEEDs to to be there!
    Thank you, O Israel, thank you! Five Stars & Favorited!

  8. klasmanis

    5 stars, totaly awe inspiring!

  9. goodnewsmama

    This was very moving. I know no Hebrew but was so very moved by this song and video. Absolutely beautiful!! 5*****

  10. bjbjbjbjbj

    islam is evil

  11. rasp408040

    Shalom Israel !!!
    It’s a strong and powerfull song, God Bless Israel !!! Sarit whe wish you all the best from Romania.

  12. jylsah

    la cancion no habla de ningun jesucristo
    podemos por favor no alterar los textos?

  13. jylsah

    sin añadir comentarios que no lleva la cancion por favor, ella no habla de ningun jesucristo

    esta bien que se inspiren en nuestra fe pero no alteren a saarit seguro no le hace gracia que alteren los textos de su cancion

  14. ferebatur

    This video it`s so strong.. my soul is asalted by pain and the hope in God at the same time, even it`s a beutifull mesaje for all human bean, in all religions and etnicitys… All We`re childrens of Elochai due this all we`re brothers in God.

    God Bless Israel, God Bless Sarit for gift us this beutifull song, and god bless all the human bean who love the Sacred Name of God.

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