The “Niggun” – Shmaya Silverman

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Published on January 19, 2013
Mordy Rapp posted video:

All footage was filmed by Shmaya and friends Audio recorded at Shemesh Music Edited by MR Productions –

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  1. robinbenoff

    Breath of fresh air,raising us to a higher level helping us to appreciate the brachos we are given!

  2. Simon Weiner

    Well done! In good taste – moving, inspiring!

  3. MarcSarfat

    Great niggun!

  4. debatuer50

    Amazing niggun! Sounds like it’s been around forever.

  5. Holly M


  6. ufoser

    Beautiful!!! Did u compose this niggun or is it from somewhere?

  7. bxlxix69

    It is said when a Jew arrives, it is meant for him to be there.

  8. Daniel BENY

    this is reallly cool

  9. africanslapper


  10. africanslapper


  11. Mordy Rapp

    @MrYesyes79 yes.
    bu it at Galpaz, or from im directly. Send me a formal e-mail at.  Ill hook you up

  12. snapsh00ter

    Beautiful indeed.

  13. jaymagic54

    Zis un shayn!

  14. Yaakov Walk

    What an awesome Niggun!

  15. unstopable96

    holy of the holiest, sweetest of the sweet…..

  16. unstopable96

    holy of the holiest….sweetest of the sweet

  17. rebbesoul

    lovely niggun!

  18. MrMikeom5241

    very lebidik; like the video with the kivrey tzaddikim

  19. MrMikeom5241

    a very leibidik niggun; liked the video with all the kivrey tzadikim

  20. Mordy Rapp

    Its coming out soon, you can buy it at Galpaz

  21. elshpen

    Just beautiful. Is there a CD with this recording?

  22. JeremyGaisin

    Beautiful! Exquisite Guitar, really nice quality of vocals and drum mix and harmonies!

  23. David Zaslow


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