Basics of Biblical Hebrew Video Lectures, Chapter 1 – The Hebrew Alphabet

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Home Howto Basics of Biblical Hebrew Video Lectures, Chapter 1 – The Hebrew Alphabet
Published on August 19, 2014
Zondervan Publishers posted video:

Taken from Basics of Biblical Hebrew Video Lectures, this video presents all material from Chapter 1 – The Hebrew Alphabet. Author Miles Van Pelt leads you s…

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  1. Yaramyahu Yasharal

    your statement you made is not true mushah would have said UAU THE U IS

  2. chodeshadar18

    There are several strange errors here and I don’t know why he’s making
    them. The Aleph does not resemble a % sign! The right “arm” and the “leg”
    are CONNECTED to central diagonal line. the Tet is NOTHING like a G and one
    shouldn’t try to compare them. I suggest students not rely only on this

  3. Roslina Podico

    Waiting for the next lesson or have you done it, if yes, where or how can I
    find it? Thanks a lot.

  4. Matt Tardo

    Yeh, Chode. For someone so adamant about “neat” writing, his aleph is…
    horrendous. In addition, he tends to pronounce the ending of certain letter
    names with the ‘hard” sound of the begadkefat letters (bet, dalet, etc.),
    when they should be “soft”. I will never understand why some teachers use
    the modern pronounciations when teaching BIBLICAL Hebrew. He makes an
    exception for the letter waw so far, but that’s been it so far. I can’t
    watch any more…

  5. Henry webster

    I am taking Biblical Hebrew online in December. Thanks for making this easy

  6. asr linoi

    The most beautiful language in the world :D

  7. Mohammed SETTI

    Exactly what I am looking for! I want to add another Semitic language to my
    brain and I found it close to my native language.

  8. Ben Chang

    Wonderful biblical Hebrew resource here~

  9. Margarita Roco Evans

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  10. Dovid Sandomire

    the letter “wow” is actually named “vuv”. The Koof letter towards the end
    is not connected at the top like a P…you also forgot to mention the
    letters “veis” after Beis, and Chof after cuff, and Suff after the last
    letter tuff. I’d recommend people learn hebrew from someone that knows
    what they are talking about at the very least. Good try though on the

  11. John Albert Devadosan Selwyn

    I have been working on the Hebrew for more than a year using different
    slides but this is the best I have come across. There is simplicity and
    clarity. I have found the Instructor not intimiditating but inspiring.and
    appatizing for more Hebrew. Thank you. Rev. Albert Selwyn, Bangalore, India

  12. خالد عقرب

    ur a good Teacher !!

  13. Tim Conrad

    I’m confused. Are you referring to his stating that the Hebrew alphabet is
    the oldest alphabet still in use today, dating back almost 4,000 years?

  14. George De Young

    How do you say: ‘Get off my land!’

  15. Joanne Stevens

    This video was extremely helpful. The best yet! At least this is a great
    start for me. Thank you.

  16. Massie Asani

    Its a good video,it has really helped me.I am studying theology at Rusangu
    University I would to have these kind of videos.My email is .

  17. PaperTowel1101

    Thanks for the upload! It was very useful.

  18. J.B. Raynor

    Best I’ve seen so far.

  19. Simon John

    Thanks for the lesson. It was difficult to figure out how to write the
    letters as they were written in my work book because of the confusing fancy
    font. Blessings.

  20. Mazen Nicolas Manasseh

    Good try however, you start with a malicious incorrect information. The
    Hebrew alphabet is what we call BOX ARAMAIC and is the last Semitic
    alphabet. The Canaanite Ugaritic language is 4000 years before CE and the
    first Alphabet was the Phoenician which date before the assumed
    establishment of the jewish kingdoms or even the assumed dates of th Exodus.

  21. Mino Medeiros

    I dunno that.. but, 4 example.. if i want making a word i just put all
    letters 2gether and done it… Is it the same with hebrew alphabet? I guess
    so different… but… I LUV IT!!!

  22. Claire Sandy-Robinson

    Simple and self explanatory. It is the perfect lesson for a beginner of
    Hebrew language. The writing of the letters is very useful, because it is
    difficult to write correctly

  23. JustAnotherPers0n

    where is chapter 2

  24. David Trousdale

    You make the point to only write the Hebrew from right to left, but then
    state at least twice that you are writing left to right (about 37 mins.
    into the video).

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