Olamam Shel B’nai Ha’adam (Reprise) – by me

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Published on October 20, 2008
Hermione01991 posted video:

I FINALLY got to this request, LOL! Thank you, msapir3! I hope you won’t kill me for my accent:) I’ll give a try to sing the grotto version, too. I don’t learn Hebrew, but I want to.
If anyone knows what exactly the Hebrew lyrics of this song mean, please let ME know;D

SORRY for the sound but my mic is horrible and accidentally, I had my lips a bit too near it. Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to make out some words from this dub:)


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  1. falas15pysia

    No to trzymam kciuki 🙂

  2. Hermione01991

    🙂 Dzięki! No… omal sobie języka nie połamałam:) Chciałabym spróbować po turecku, bo ładnie brzmi, ale to na razie plany…

  3. falas15pysia

    To jest Hebrajski? Naprawdę nieźle 🙂

  4. Hermione01991

    Ano, jest:) Przede wszystkim chyba jako językołamacz (wg mnie):D Ale dzięki:D

  5. Hermione01991

    Well, thanks. I’ll try, but what will come out of it, I don’t know:D

  6. Hermione01991

    Thanks:) Yes, it wasn’t easy:)

  7. miathekingswife

    Wonderful job! I don’t know Hebrew but I still LOVED IT! I can’t wait to see the gortto version! xD

  8. Rat1993a

    Świetnie, zwłaszcza że hebrajski jest takim trudnym językiem 🙂 Śpiewaj w innych językach, dobrze Ci to wychodzi !

  9. disneyprincess90

    great!! i think hebrew is not easy language!! but you’re good!!

  10. Hermione01991

    Oh, actually, I can’t speak Hebrew, but I tried to learn the lyrics of the song:) Thank you sooo much, my dear!


  11. MissEphonine

    didnt know u do speak hebrew… awesome fandub *_* 5/5 love you

  12. Hermione01991

    Ah, I saw your message, lol:) Thanks!

  13. Hermione01991

    Really? I wish:) Thank you! Erm, could you translate this song for me, please? 😀

  14. msapir3

    i love it!!!!!
    your accent isn’t bad at all!!! u sing this great!!!

  15. Hermione01991

    Ok, it’s all ok:) I will wait as much as you & I need:D Good luck, hun!


  16. DisneyLittleMermaid

    beautiful hun 🙂
    oh and you know our duet on part of your world well i kinda deleted the origonal files so i am redoing it so it should be uploaded either today or somtime this week. I am so sorry about this i truely am!

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