Mark Biltz: Ancient Hebrew Picture Language At The Time Of Moses

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Published on March 16, 2015
maranathachapelTV posted video:

Mark Biltz explains how at the time of Moses the Hebrew writing was different from the modern Hebrew, and how Moses wrote the name of God (YAHWEH). Mark also…

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  1. Paul Daystar

    Paleo Hebrew introduced 

  2. Jackie Smith

    tell me what GENESIS means in Hebrew- pictorial is The Son Of God NOT
    THERE???????? nonoonoooonoooooo #lol 

  3. ChaYah Shalom

    Gawd forbid!! on the armegaddon thing… what about if we destroy the
    authority that is attached to chaos in our own mindsets??? with
    apocolypto!! the lifting of the veil!! the only way the body of Christ will
    understand is if we start obeying His commands… and start learning on the
    sabbath!!!!!!! u know… sit at the dinner table of the lamb….. the lamb’s
    marriage supper… the rehearsal of the wedding feast!!

  4. ali

    the beast is something that is an authority you have to prove u exist,
    paper work please! in the true experience, one already exists as a true
    being, not on paper.
    All authorities of principalities demand u prove to exist under their
    authority, you are a slave, not free. and to stand like Christ and
    pronounce you exist out side man made authorities lands you in a
    jail…that my friend is a beast. No rocket science, just simple words,
    only your confused and in doubt, wake up, stand up, you exist!!!

  5. bob norwalk

    bs claims by yet another Jew with talk and no proof of their bs

  6. Joseph Crossbearershvili

    You get it all wrong, following tradition of imperial powers and satraps,
    Buried under layers of more than 36 centuries of history of lost worlds.
    Iber came from South pre-Georgia, which had alphabets for long time.
    It’is possible that in Ararat area at the time, it looked a
    bit like pictures,
    And was less advanced than proto-Iberian Center of Caucasian races,
    Still Georgian can easier and better translate meaning and letters aim.
    (H) looks like a tree and Georgian “H” – “He” means a “tree”;
    (W) looks like a Georgian “W” – “Wa” means “good”;
    (Y) looks like Georgian “A” and “I” combined – “Ai” means “Here”.
    “AI HE WA HE” translates “Here The Tree Good Tree”, or better:
    Your word for “peace” is also wrong.
    “Chaos” is rather letter “U” in Georgian alphabet – means “turn against”;
    “Authority” is rather letter “S” in Georgian – “Sa” means “unite”;
    “Attached too” is rather “W” in Georgian – “Wa” means “good”;
    “Destroy” is rather “O” in Georgians (not sure) – need no translation.
    “O GOOD UNITE AGAINST”, or better:
    Your interpretations are typical for Pharisees flattery to old and new line
    of masters.


  7. littlebooks66

    The league Of Nations was the Beasts prior to death, it was abolished
    during wwII and brought back life after the war, and they all marveled…
    It is an IMAGE of the first Beast… The League Of Nations was a group of
    Kingdoms UNITED together… If you pay attention when your reading, that is
    ALL that the beast is… King after king, upon king, upon king and they are
    all then finally UNITED into ONE BEAST AN IMAGE of the USA, and gains its
    ‘Breath/Power’ from it. USA is its only real fource

  8. DeanCo7777

    Most Christians need to be delivered from the false doctrines of futurism,
    i.e. dispensationalism. While these two men are discussing many wonderful
    and valid interpretations of Hebrew, they wander into error when they get
    into the interpretations of Revelation based on the views of Futurism and
    Dispensationalism. The Generation Jesus was talking about in Matt. 24 was
    the generation from him to the destruction of Jerusalem a generation later
    in 70 AD. That Generation was That Generation.

  9. Natsar ben יהוה

    You should realize that centuries before Roman Catholicism existed, it was
    Messianic Jews or Jews that followed the Messiah of promise and prophecy
    that continued the work of Mashiach. Roman Catholicism is historically
    known for changing everything that the original followers of Mashiach were
    preaching into what is known as modern day Christianity. Check out the
    series Why Jews Don’t Believe In Jesus on YouTube (Daniel Botkin is the
    speaker) and you will see what I am talking about.

  10. littlebooks66

    The Bible says that anyone or thing that is against or puts instead of for
    salvation is an Antichrist…. There is no ONE antichrist, but there are
    many… There were many back in the first century A.D. and there are many
    now… The BEast is not ever called the antichrist, but represents many

  11. medicolas

    Jesuit doctrine being spewed once again!

  12. jimmmmybrady

    Please,anyone with eyes to see.Look up the word “allah”in Arabic.You will
    see that it is the image of a Serpent chasing a Staff,Satan chasing

  13. Mansour Al Faransy

    Fantasy and Mickey mouse. Drinker of lies. I read so foolish comments here,
    after this ridiculous youtube.

  14. jimmmmybrady

    Oh,and there are EIGHT Beasts in Revelation NOT seven as so many people
    say.You’re right there was 1 Egypt 2 Assyria 3 Babylon 4 Medo-Persia 5
    Greece 6 Rome.THEN there is the Beast that reigns for a short time and
    receives a head wound,it is OF the PREVIOUS ones and NOT the sixth,THEN the
    8th Beast which is ALSO the 7th appears to come back from the dead.It is
    Islam.Daniel revealed the exact # of years from the cessation of sacrifices
    until the Dome of the Rock on the Temple mount in 688 A.D.

  15. Mansour Al Faransy

    Shalom. This video is only fantasy. I work on semit linguistic, so this
    video can trap only ignorants. But yes, hebrew-arabic language is
    fascining. See this serious, by a true jew and scholar :

  16. jimmmmybrady

    The Ottoman(Islamic)Empire.It ruled for a short time suffered a head wound
    in 1924 and now ……HEEEEEEEEEERE’S ISLAM!!!! It’s already murdered
    240,000,000. Oh,the Horns are “Kings” NOT “Kingdoms”

  17. Four Owls

    and you do tosspot?? Really you internet bedroom professors! You are not
    out there doing anything useful or spreading knowledge! Of course this man
    knows something of the culture, but not all, you may know a little bit but
    you don’t know all either….

  18. Jack Wheeler

    Awesome! Vav also standing for 6 in Hebrew. So the three nails is three

  19. metalic699

    i dont understand !!! christians never heard of the commandment not to use
    the name of G-D in vein why do they keep pronouncing the holy name of G-D ??

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