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Published on February 17, 2015
ronimation posted video:

Flash Animation done by Ron Yavnieli as a children’s educational video.

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  1. KawaiiKikio

    isnt Hodu India? a turkey should be Tarnegol Hodu I think..

  2. Reich MSC

    meanien meod!

  3. ronimation

    @TheJunglesound- I’m no authority on that either but that’s interesting.
    I’ll look in to it. If you find out anything, let me know.

  4. LysFlower13

    @furn3000 the french word for cat is “chat”. You gotta pronounce it “sha”.
    I’m french…

  5. MrViTopol

    @TurkSuryani what’s more interesting, the lake Erie in north America was
    called Erie by the local Houron Indians, and Erie in their language means
    big cat … see, Erie = Arie…

  6. קוֹרִי פְּרַחִים

    @ronimation She means because they only show it for a split second

  7. ronimation

    Liviatan is the modern Hebrew word for whale. Torah scholars will tell you
    that Liviatan does not mean whale in Bibilical Hebrew. It’s a mystery what
    it’s exact meaning is but most think it was a Giant Fish or a Sea Monster.
    It’s only in modern times that they assigned the meaning of “whale” to the
    word Liviatan. I hope that helps.


    other question teacher as he tells the books of the Bible in Hebrew or are
    the same as the Torah, can you tell me pls amd thanks shalom aleijem

  9. Acos62

    um you might want to check the audio

  10. Acos62

    yeah you should that would be very cool and fun lol and do you really make
    these videos?

  11. omnisage

    @ronimation the segment for jelly fish flashed up for less than a second.

  12. Acos62

    oh well thats okay its still a nice video

  13. maistortrichko

    I suppose jew’s are pros at Dota.. after all Tadpole is Roshan 😀

  14. Luyi011

    @ronimation no, he/she didn’t meant to say that. he/she tried to say that
    the jellyfish part it’s to fast.

  15. Berriiblue

    did you animate? wow. some people try unsuccessfully for years to animate a
    horse’s galloping movements

  16. arielle aiken

    I thought Dog was Caleb?

  17. ronimation

    Yes that’s correct. Tarnagol Hodu is the proper way to say it. It literally
    means “Indian Chicken”. However, the slang way to say it is just ‘Hodu” and
    I needed an animal that began with the letter “Hey”. I racked my brain but
    that was all I could think of.

  18. ronimation

    Yes I really made them.

  19. arielle aiken

    im not very good at hebrew. what is that letter that looks like vav, it
    always seems to be making a vowel sound? for example in the word donkey,
    the third letter from the left

  20. TurkSuryani

    this is VERY close to Assyrian (aramaic) a couple examples…Lion for you
    is Arieh? for us its Arya, horse is soos for you? for us its Soosya

  21. Grancie48

    Very cute and instructional. Could only be improved by adding audio for
    correct pronunciations.

  22. mangakoibito

    @furn3000 chat is cat. chen is a bad spelling for chien, which is
    dog.{google translate is a wonderful thing}

  23. arielle aiken

    @ronimation oh thanks that makes so much more sense!

  24. Hadassah Green

    @ronimation: Because the viewing time for the jellyfish was so short
    compared to the others. I believe maddieemcee was joking. 🙂

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