Hebrew Music Shay Gabso – Arim Roshi\ארים ראשי שי גבסו

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Home Music Hebrew Music Shay Gabso – Arim Roshi\ארים ראשי שי גבסו
Published on June 23, 2009
XtremeKiIIer posted video:

Beautiful hebrew song by Shay Gabso …

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  1. XtremeKiIIer

    i wish i knew spanish 🙂

  2. 6MemoryOfForever9

    please does anyone know where I can find a site that teaches hebrew well for free?

  3. mercurio5


  4. Saasx7

    Shay I love your voice your the best singer of isrtael

  5. LogosTheosMateria

    I know one day this all will make sense, and you will understand.
    Perhaps in the next lifetime, but I hope.

  6. valambiguous

    This is a beautiful song! ( Psalms121) YAH bless you.

  7. angelsofdeathpntbll

    i love this song i wish people in the area im from could hear this song its such a beautiful song. america backs israel always

  8. mistaunbeatabl

    this is such a beautiful song i heard it today on an idf video and ive been addicted. i love the choras. thanks for uploading.

  9. David51895

    please do do u need a email

  10. XtremeKiIIer

    i can send it to you..

  11. David51895

    too bad they dont have this one itunes

  12. Mindxcape

    Awesome song, touches heart and soul, many thanks for posting it:)

  13. OCAmericans

    Absolutely awesome, so sad too.

  14. NsichaJehudia7

    One of the best songs ever!!!
    Yisrael, ani ohevet otach!

  15. tipicomi33

    where will my help come from ??????????? FROM THE OBOVE, GOD AL MIGHTY !!!!

  16. maaienai

    por que eliminaron el otro video donde estaba que paso, no entiendo…. ¡¡¡¡

    me encanta est acancion

    saludos desde MEXICO

  17. hamistorin

    שיר מקסים !

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